Biography of Miranda Mordare

Name: Amarath Sha`Mordare
Callsign: Selene

Rank: ()
Duty: -

Race: Falleen
Gender: Female
Age: 38

During Selene's early years, she was raised on a small station located in the Outer Rim. Her father and mother were both skilled mechanics and made a living fixing anything from droids to ships. Their skills allowed them to get by with decent shelter for the family, and the usual needs to live on and survive. Being raised on a station, Selene was isolated from planets and large crowds of people, the only real contact was the people who came by to get small repairs and offer their goods to her family. Even then they weren't very social. Most being poor traders and settlers.

Besides that, Miranda also lived with another family who helped run her family's station and who offered their services around the station when settlers and traders stopped for repairs and supplies. The members of that family were different than Selene and her family. Having seen many other members of that strange race passing through the station, Miranda eventually learned the proper name for them. Being that she was isolated, Miranda developed a shy disposition around the 'alien' like beings. As Selene grew older she grew attached to the other family, almost seeing them as part of her own extended family.

As the years past, she watched over the shoulders of her mother and father, learning from them all the knowledge, skills and aspects of being a mechanic. Not long after taking the vested interest in her parent's work, Selene began to develop into a rather skilled young mechanic. And as her skills increased her parents started giving her more tasks around the station. Allowing Selene's skillset to evolve and develop. From then on, Miranda always wanted to have her hands in something, be it a droid, hyperdrive, or power system. With each extra task her parents awarded her, Selene pushed herself ever harder, pressing on to develop her skills as far as she could.

After several more years, life went on as usual. The same day to day things occurred. Until that one day, the day that changed Selene's life forever. On this particular day, her home, the station that had been so safe, was suddenly attacked by a mysterious group. Men and women boarded and raided the station, stealing supplies and other valuables and in the process, killed Selene's family along with her extended family, the humans she had come to care for so deeply. After stripping the station of anything of value, the invaders took Selene hostage. Forcing her to leave the wrecked station and her ruined life. She noted in the terror and horror of the moment the human female, her sister in all but blood being loaded on another ship. That was the last time she saw any sign of her family, extended or otherwise. From that day on, she was forced into labor, the invaders forced her to utilize her knowledge and skills to work on ships, droids, and other entities that needed repaired.

The years drug on so slow that Selene eventually lost count of the time she spent with these small time pirates. She did her work and stayed quiet as to herself as often as possible. Doing only what was asked of her, just enough to keep herself from following the same fate as that of her parents and the other family aboard her childhood home. Eventually, after the small time pirates moved on, she was set free, due to her long term of service. As soon as she could Selene set out to explore the universe that was so unfamiliar to a girl who had spent her life on a space station in the Outer Rim. Not long after setting out on her adventure. Selene met a familiar man, Talen Mordare. The boy that she had grown up with, a boy she had long thought to be dead. Having both survived the event that had killed both their families, they instantly caught each others attention, both knowing who the other was. Selene was immediately adopted into his family, and invited Selene to join him in the Tion Cluster, where Talen was serving within the High Command of the Cluster's government. The Tion Hegemony. However, even still, Selene hopes she will one day be able to find that last missing family member, the human girl that was being loaded onto the other ship. Selene's search never stops.

Written by Miranda Mordare, 13 years ago.
Last updated on Year 12, Day 344, 23:42:40.
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