Biography of Lance Starlight

Name: Lance Starlight
Callsign: Steel Hawk

Rank: Recruit (1)
Duty: -
Dept.: Military / 2nd Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Corellian
Gender: Male
Age: 33

Lance Starlight was born the son of a Corellian who owned a shipyard IV in deep space( you see Lance's dad did great work but not always legal) where people came from all walks of life to have there ships tweaked to perfection with the newest tech. Lance enjoyed helping his dad and brother Mack and he also really enjoyed leaning to pilot all kinds of  ships that him, Mack and his dad worked on from Fighters to Capital Ships. At the young age of 6 Lance was already flying and repairing ships around the small ship repair yard like a pro, but lance wanted to see the galaxy and find new worlds to explore, so at the age of 17 he set off in his own YT-2000 to seek his goals, he asked Mack to join him, but Mack wanted to stay and help there dad longer, so Lance went out a lone. He found a job as a pilot in the Old Republic at first and then transferred to Maelstrom Industrial Salvage within the Old Republic to be there XO of Logistics and went into trading and started doing transport job with 100% success rate no matter the job, which is where he got the name Steel Hawk, but he couldn't seem to stay put in MIS, so he started looking for a new faction, then he remembered meeting Telen Mordare and what he said about the Tion Hegemony and decided to contact Telen about a job. Telen was happy to hear from Lance and said that they could always use a good pilot, so Lance Joined the Tion Hegemony to start his career in Logistics as a recruit under his new boss C.T. Shek. Some wonder why he went from being the XO of Logistics in Maelstrom Industrial Salvage to recruit in Tion Hegemony, but when asked about it Lance answered that he always likes to start at the bottom and work his way up to better understand how everything works in all the jobs so that if he give someone orders he's done that job before so he can give the best orders for that job and he said he likes to earn his title and not have it given to him. The Logistics department of TH was merged with the Tion military and so Lance was transferred to 2nd Fleet and started he career as a fighter pilot. Lance had been in Tion only a short time when he heard from Mack and so they met up on Tatooine where Mack was living now and then Mack joined Athakam MedTech a sub-faction of Tion Hegemony and so Lance returned to active duty in the Tion Military. Some traders in Tion started the GCC(General Cosmic Company) and Lance joined as well as he loved to trade. On one of Lance's missions he found a Wookiee who was being attacked by slavers and saved him. The Name of the wookiee was Tal Varless and it turned out he was a great pilot, so Lance hired him as a pilot and started the Starlight CO. a transport company working with the GCC with his brother Mack.

To be continued...........

Career History:

Joined the Old Republic than after a week transferred to Maelstrom Industrial Salvage within the Old Republic and was made the XO of Logistics. Then about 4 months later joined the Tion Hegemony as a logistics pilot with the rank of recruit.
About 2 months in Tion the Logistics department was merged with the Tion Military and so Lance was transferred to 2nd Fleet.

Written by Lance Starlight, 13 years ago.
Last updated on Year 13, Day 110, 20:51:47.
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