Biography of Darius Zero

Name: Darius Zero
Callsign: The Red Shadow

Rank: ()
Duty: -

Race: Zabrak
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Darius Zero roamed the galaxy with a Jedi while he was young. The Jedi is from the same Iridonian culture. His parents died in a war 6 weeks after birth, a Jedi that knew his parents well took him in as his apprentice for the future he thinks of the Jedi as a father he never had they traveled to many places and many planets, The Jedi died on his 18th birthday of a shot in the chest from a poor mugger wanting food that the Jedi didn't give. The Jedi offered him to eat with He and Darius, but he refused cause he thought that he would report him to security for the post-murders and stealing he has done before for food in the way past but when The Jedi struggled the gun away from him the poor mugger shot him at the heart and ran. While The Jedi struggles to get back home with out collapsing. When he got home he collapsed on the ground and Darius quickly went to pick him up and thought it was exhaustion and then found out his chest was covered in blood and mumbled "Darius. Dont... look for revenge. My sins have caught up to me *cough cough* I have never told your father's name he only had one name it was *cough COUGH cough* it was Ze'Ero and nicknamed Zero. He had Zero fear and Zero hate that s why his name was called Ze'Ero.... Make him and I Proud of your Ability's ... May the force be stong with you my Son". He died a half hour later when the medics came and pronounced his death Darius took his fathers body and took it to Iridonia and did the Jedi funeral by burning his fathers body. And a traditonal cremation seremony requires the spread of ashes though out the area the body was burned in and kept a pinch for a memorial to his father with him always. Ze'Ero was 70 years old that year...

Currently Darius is working up enough Credits to make a faction that is a go to for need and aid. Johnathan Roads is Second in command and in charge of the main army. While Darius will be head of all operations in and out of Faction ties. If you wish to know more of the faction contact Darius for details.

Written by Darius Zero, 13 years ago.
Last updated on Year 13, Day 36, 18:54:25.
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