GNS: NAO Presence Within NMI Space

GNS: NAO Presence Within NMI Space(Posted by Jeff Corbin on Year 5 Day 151)


Your screen begins to flicker and changes to the Nikklon Mining Incorporated Logo and is immediately blurred in on a formally dressed male sitting on a chair with a small piece of paper in his hand.

"Good day everyone, i will make this very brief and to the point. My name is Jeff Corbin, CEO of Nikklon Mining Incorporated and i am sure some or most of you should know me by now. I recieved a security report a few days ago informing me that NAO had a small recon fleet present within our space. This is to inform everyone that we are well aware of this and as of this moment our diplomat to the NAO has been informed of this new development and is enroute to discuss and resolve this situation peacefully. Gantari has long been our base of operations and head quarters and we had expected NAO to be aware of this. That is all for now and thanks for your time."

Your screen immediately fades out to the NMI logo and is once again back to its regular scheduled news reports.

Onboard the Y-Wing Nikklon Alpha Escorts in system Dellalt.

Written by Gwanunig Magor, 13 years ago.
Last updated on Year 13, Day 145, 16:29:25.
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