History of the Tion Hegemony

Tionese History

The Tionese people are among the oldest human races in existence, tracing their beginning back to the first sleeper ships from the core worlds dating back 28,000 BBY. Their progress was at an alarming rate for humans as they were among the few humans who revered the Rakatan races and as such acquired their knowledge and zeal for advancements, and always ventured to improve their way of life through technology and all things related to the force. They had invented beam tubes in their bid to travel around their area and eventually built limited hyperdrives by fusing Rakatan technology with fixed hyperspace beacons forming a 'lighthouse' system that relied upon fixed-position hyperspace beacons that allowed for safe FTL travel as long as one stayed within the network, as far back as 27,000 BBY. The Tionese were very proud and family orientated, so much so that at an early stage the people were divided into different families. There were about 27 major families and a couple of minor families all vying for power and control within the Tion sector. It wasn't long before the first form of government called the Livien League was formed having its capital on planet Desevro. Life was good for the Tionese people but as always family clans were involved in battles around the sector causing the uprise of the future of Tion Hegemony government. The first signs was when the father of the great Xim the Despot had carved out the Kingdom of Cron from the Livien League who controlled the hegemony at that point. It was from there that the reign of the great Xim the Despot began, though his rule was tyrannic and quite barbaric to say the list. He was the only one that was able to bring the entire region together and hold it all. All was finally great within the sector, each family clan were at peace with one another as there was no need to battle for control since all would be thwarted by Xim. Each system were fruitful, so much so that the Tion Hegemony were in unpar with the then unknown Republic.

The Battle of Vontor

At the height of Xim's reign there was none who would dare oppose him due to his vast army which composed of races he had subjected and a special droid army of his own design. His fleet was also something to fear and as such the Tionese people knew nothing about enemies until the fated encounter with the Hutts. As it happened, Xim wanted more races for his army and went over to the area controlled by the Hutts to collect more people to field his army.

Xim the Despot is the most celebrated Pre-republic conqueror of all. In the remote region now known as the Tion Hegemony, Xim gathered vast armies under his banner, including a legion of unstoppable War Droids-the earliest known combat automatons. Xim's glorious empire spread to encompass hundreds of thousands of worlds in the vicinity of the Tion. The warlord miscalculated, however, when he tried to expand into Hutt space. The Hutts had built up their own formidable star empire, and they fiercely opposed Xim for the possession of the Si'klaata Cluster. Two exhausting but inconclusive battles were fought on the planet Vontor. In the third such confrontation, Xim's war droids were opposed by the Hutt's latest conscripts-a horde of fighter from the Nikto, Vodran, and Klattooinan species. Xim was utterly vanquished, and Kossak the Hutt declared victory in the third battle of Vontor.

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