Joining the Tion Hegemony

Greetings Sentients and welcome to the Tion Hegemony Recruitment Office, thank you for your interest in the Hegemony.

What exactly is the Tion Hegemony?

The Tion Hegemony is the united government of six adjacent sectors in the north-east quadrant of our galaxy. These sectors together form the Greater Tion Cluster, home to over 60 worlds which house a total population of over a hundred billion sentient beings. The alliance of these worlds has formed the Hegemony into the fortified union it is today.

Assisted by several powerful government-backed corporations, the Hegemony is more than capable of ensuring a prosperous life for any citizen.

Where does the Tion Hegemony stand in galactic politics?

Our government is a founding member of the Galactic Concordiate (GC), the greatest alliance known to exist in the galaxy today. The Galactic Concordiate consists of several major powers from all corners of the galaxy: the Sienar Conglomerate, Mandalore, the Trade Federation, the Aurodium Legion and the Tion Hegemony, as well as a vast array of corporations and businesses. This alliance promotes free trade and peace in the galaxy. They work together in both economic and military operations to ensure free trade and peace will be brought to all sentient beings.

Galactic Concordinate
For more information about the Galactic Concordiate, visit the Galactic Concordinate Holosite.

Tion Salaries and Bonuses

The Hegemony offers one of the best salaries in the galaxy! Upon joining, your initial monthly wage will be 16 million credits (16,000,000cr). As you prove your abilities over time, you will be promoted to higher positions with better pay. Please refer to the rank structure page for the exact numbers. Bonuses will be awarded for particularly hard working Tionese.

Giveaways, Tournaments & Celebrations

Several times a year the Hegemony hosts a series of giveaways and prized tournaments including battle simulation events, games, free raffles and simple cash giveaways. There are always huge prizes and everyone wins something. Any member of the Tion family is welcome to participate.


There are no petty conflicts or competing houses within Tion. We are a family and we gladly welcome anyone to our midst. All we ask is that you do your best to help our community and be respectful of your fellow Citizens.


As a citizen, you will be assigned work in one of our many branches! It's up to you where you want to work, but here's a bit of information to help you decide which branch is best for you:

Tion Engineering and Construction

Tion Engineering and Construction (TEC)

As Tion's Engineerings branch, TEC is responsible for all infrastructure and planetary development in Tion. TEC provides the economic stability that allows us to provide for our citizens and ensure that nobody is left without necessities and luxuries. If you like being kept busy and see just how your efforts are contributing, then join TEC now!


Nikklon Mining Incorporated (NMI)

NMI works hard to prospect our planets, mine raw materials and keep our stockpiles filled. NMI's work is what allows every other department and faction to function. Without Nikklon and the valuable resources they provide, there would be no Tion Hegemony. If you are interested in operating high-tech machinery and would like to explore the Tion Cluster while delivering needed resources, then join NMI now!


Tion Mil/Sci Industries

Tion Mil/Sci Industries (TMSI)

Spacecraft engineering and research is one of the fastest-growing fields in the galaxy. If you're interested in helping to expand Tion's fleet of ships to ensure that things keep running smoothly, look no further! Join TMSI now!


Athakam MedTech

Athakam MedTech (AMT)

As one of the primary medical service providers in the galaxy, Athakam MedTech is constantly looking for new pilots and medical staff to keep the refineries, laboratories and factories running. Do you want your work to be highly valued throughout the Tion Cluster and the galaxy at large? Join AMT now!


First Fleet   

Second Fleet   

Third Fleet   

Tionese Fleets

"Help defend the Greater Tion Cluster, accomplish goals given by Command and train to become an elite fighter to protect the Hegemony. Join the Golden Dragons or Crimson Lions and stand next to your brother or sister in arms to ensure peace and prosperity for your fellow Tionese."

Our Fleets are composed of the finest fighter pilots, ship commanders, marines, and officers in the galaxy. Equipped with advanced technology developed and produced by the Hegemony and members of the Galactic Concordiate, our fleets and ground forces are more than ready to oppose any assault that dares to invade our home. In times of peace, our military is constantly training and supporting our civilian branches in suitable tasks. Our military provides the backbone to our defensive efforts to keep you safe. So, are you up to the task? Only one way to find out... Enlist now!





Voss Mystics   

What Does Tion Think of the Force?

"According to the Voss Mystics, there is no Good or Evil. The Force simply exists on its own. For them, the Force is a conduit; sometimes for healing, sometimes for prophecy and sometimes for death." - Historical text recovered from the city of Voss-Ka Y2D123

The Voss Mystics are the Hegemony's Force group, a grey and ancient order. The Tower of Prophecy is their spiritual home and is where their sacred rituals take place; where ancient sacred relics are stored and where people come from all over the galaxy to consult the Mystics about prophecy or to be put through the trials deep within the mysterious halls of the tower...



So, have you decided to join up? Excellent! Here, follow these steps:

  1. Look for the 'faction' menu in the right side menu of SWC.
  2. Click 'Join Faction' to bring up the faction selection form. (or simply click here to open it directly in a new tab.)
  3. Select Tion Hegemony, Nikklon Mining Incorporated, Tion Mil/Sci Industries, or Athakam MedTech from the drop-down list.
  4. (Optional) Enter a brief message.
  5. Click on the 'Send Join Request' button.
  6. That's it! Your application will be processed as soon as a member of the Tion High Council is available. This usually takes no more than a few hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read our invitation. We would be happy to welcome you in our society. Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our recruitment liasions which can be found here

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