Tion High Council

The High Council

The High Council of the Tion Hegemony is the seat of power within the Tion Cluster, they're in charge of the various branches within the governmental bureaucracy that control various interests essential to the daily operations of the citizenry. While the face of the government is widely known as the individual holding the office of Hegemon, individuals of the subsidiary organisations controlling the multitude of mineral deposits, medical supplies and scientific projects hold sway over the lives of many.

The Hegemon

The Hegemon appointment is one of a lifetime, unless removed by a vote of the High Council or abdication. Such an appointment is one of honour and faith by the citizens of the Hegemony, something that only a select few have managed to ascertain. The first Lord Hegemon of the Tion Hegemony was Jeff Corbin, founder and unifyer of the Tion Cluster. Passing the torch to his brother upon assassination, the role has continued to evolve with each leader of the government.

Leader of the Tion Hegemony
Lord Hegemon
Cody Marshall

The Chancellor

The Chancellor is widely recognised as the second in command of the Hegemony, and responsible for overseeing operations without question should the Hegemon become incapable or incapacitated. It is the Chancellor's primary mission to advise the Hegemon on day-to-day operations and other ventures as seen fit.

Overseer of the Hegemony
Casten Maziel Waryn

The Hyperion

The Hyperion is the High Commander of the Tion Hegemony Military, as such he is responsible for all military deployments and its operations, ensuring success and optimal performance of all activies. The Hyperion is appointed by the Hegemon for their outstanding strategic mind, and coordination of the military forces for the continuous protection of the Hegemony, her territory, and her citizens.

Head of Military Operations
Dillininioh Colk

The Ministers

The High Council is also comprised of 3 Ministries as defined in the Tionese Constitution: Interior, Production and State & Diplomacy. Each in charge of a particular aspect of the Hegemony. Although the Ministers may belong to any of the nationalized factions of the Hegemony, or directly to the government body, it is not mandatory for them to be in a leadership position. Conversely, leaders of the nationalized factions do not automatically earn a seat in the Tionese High Council.

Lord Minister of the Interior
Assistant Director
John Uurp
Lord Minister of Production
Andree Cyberdree
Lord Minister of State & Diplomacy
Casten Maziel Waryn


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