Tion High Council

The High Council

The High Council of the Tion Hegemony is the seat of power within the Tion Cluster. Comprising the leaders of the various branches within the governmental bureaucracy, each arm controls various interests essential to the daily operations of the citizenry. While the face of the government is widely known as the individual holding the office of Hegemon, leaders of the subsidiary organisations controlling the multitude of mineral deposits, medical supplies and scientific projects hold sway over the lives of many. While the Interior and Production arms control the majority of the infrastructure operations, the Defence arm controls the security and wellbeing of all Tionese within the cluster. Currently comprised of three fleets, each patrols a sector within Tion space under the command of the Hyperion and their fleet commanders.

The Hegemon

The Hegemony appointment is one of a lifetime, unless removed by a vote of the High Council or abdication. Such an appointment is one of honour and faith by the citizens of the Hegemony, something that only a select few have managed to ascertain. The first Lord Hegemon of the Tion Hegemony was Jeff Corbin, founder and unifyer of the Tion Cluster. Passing the torch to his brother upon assassination, the role has continued to evolve with each leader of the government. Its current occupier, the first Lady Hegemon, continues to oversee Hegemony operations since the three hundredth and twenty-eighth day of the seventeeth galactic year.

Leader of the Tion Hegemony
Lady Hegemon
Stephanie Barefoot-Delcroix

The Advisory Board

The Advisory board of the Tion Hegemony comprises of the Chancellor, widely recognised as the second in charge of the Hegemony, and responsible for overseeing operations without question should the Lady Hegemony be incapable or incapacitated. Other members of the board are personal appointees of the Lady Hegemon, advising her on day-to-day operations and other ventures as seen fit. While the advisory board remains part of the High Council, they hold no additional voting power or responsibility than other members of the High Council and Tion Hegemony leadership.

First Lady of the Hegemony
First Lady
Lilith Delcroix-Barefoot
Chief of Staff
Abraari To
Senior Advisor
Typhon Corbin

The Military

The Tion Hegemony Military comprises of three military fleets, each responsible for patrolling and overseeing the various sectors of Tion Government space. The High Commander of the Military, the Hyperion, is the individual responsible for all military deployments and its operations, ensuring success and optimal performance of all activies.

The First Tion Fleet is stationed around Embaril, patrolling the home of the Hegemony and the Tion Cluster, along with the bordering systems of Belderone. The Tion Second Fleet is stationed at Desargorr and patrols Allied Tion space primarily, while also overseeing the systems of the Cronese Mandate. The Third Tion Fleet is the newest addition to the armada after a previous merger between the Tion Hegemony and the Permanent Solutions. The Third Fleet is stationed at Kazarak and is responsible for the safety and security of citizens within the Sertar and Spadja sectors.

Head of Military Operations
Gredek Dregoth
First Tion Fleet
Star Colonel
Athrun Zala
Second Tion Fleet
Fleet Admiral
Ninian DeLayn
Third Tion Fleet
Fleet Admiral
Faol Sean


The Operations arm of the Tion Hegemony is responsible for the overall infrastructure and development of the Tion Cluster. The Construction and Engineering arms are responsible for housing operations for Hegemony citizens, while also overseeing system and planet developments as required. Alongside construction, they also work in tandem with the military to construct new starships and stations as required, to ensure the best vessels and outputs are at the military's disposal. The Technology arm is responsible for development of the newest technology, weapons and ships for use within Hegemony space. With an almost unlimited budget, they're regularly not seen in public, due to their desire to spend every moment possible in research facilities, developing the cutting edge technology.

Engineering & Construction
Crislyn Anessa Waryn
Department of Technology
Gunnar Waryn-Starfall

Production Affiliates

The various Production Affilites have an appointed member each organisation represented on the High Council. Traditionally the leaders of Nikklon Mining Incorporated, Tion Mil/Sci Industries and Athakam MedTech, their primary responsibilities are to ensure optimal operations within their organisations. Through their ownership agreements with the Tion Hegemony, their sole contract is to develop and produce their respective goods for use within the Tion Cluster.

Nikklon Mining Incorporated
Chief Executive Officer
Talen Mordare
Tion Mil/Sci Industries
Andree Cyberdree
Athakam MedTech
Casten Maziel Waryn


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