Biography of Stephanie Barefoot

Name: Stephanie Barefoot
Callsign: -

Rank: Consul (15)
Duty: Advisor
Dept.: High Command
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Hapan
Gender: Female
Age: 31

Stephanie was born Stephanie Soprano on Day 301 of Year -7 on the planet Tatooine in the system of Tatoo. She was an only child to Christopher Soprano, a noted merchant of foodstuff and Adrianna Soprano who was an excellent seamstress.

She grew up in the wealthy suburbs of Anchorhead. Apart from occasional Sandpeople raids she had a happy childhood. But when she was six her mother contracted an illness and despite the best medical treatment available, Adrianna died.

The affect on Christopher was devastating. Grief affects people in different ways but Stephanie's father became addicted to gambling. Maybe it happened to be the need for more credits or maybe just a way to take his mind off things...whatever it was it led to much unhappiness. He was never abusive to Stephanie but he certainly neglected her somewhat. She often was to be found wandering around on her own after the school day was over. This solitide actually allowed Stephanie to quickly develop an imagination and her dreams of exploration and adventure were foremost in her mind.

At the age of ten she lost her father. Christopher had begun betting larger and heavier sums of money. The occasional big win would lead to much joy. It always would mean a new toy or dress or pair of shoes for Stephanie,but sadly the big wins were rare and on a fateful occasion at a Mos Espa pod race...Christopher lost it all to the commanding Hutt. The business,the home...everything. When the gangsters henchmen turned up to collect,Christopher had been drinking and an argument broke out. Before little Stephanie's eyes a tall Twi`lek blasted her father down at close range. The cruel smirk on his face stays with her to this day! She was forcibly thrown out onto the street and ordered to 'disappear'. However she did not...and under the cover of darkness,she returned that night. She gathered together a few clothes and provisions in a backpack. She also took an old family heirloom. A sabre belonging to some distant relative. She lugged it around with her and its still by her side at this very moment.

From that point on Stephy had to struggle just to survive. Anchorhead did not take kindly to beggers so she soon hitched a ride to Mos Espa. Here it was commonplace to see the orphaned and lost and infirm wandering the streets. Stephy soon grouped up with a gang of urchins who begged,borrowed and even stole. Simply to feed and clothe themselves. They had no schooling but they learned the lessons of the streets and back alleys very quickly. In quiet times alone Stephy would wield her sabre at anything that could be sliced. She trained herself at the street-fighting and dirty tricks combat often used on Tatooine. By the age of 13 she was a warrior.

She found work as well. Occasionally doing odd jobs for the market traders but her lucky break was finding a regular job with a Jawa repairman. She would fetch and carry and deliver...not for a wage but for her food and a bed in the shed out back. She also became a formidable seller of droids and speeders. Wealthy merchants find it hard to turn down a pretty face,even on a very young girl. She soon learned that a short skirt and cheeky giggle could net her a nice bonus!

All the while she continued with the nightime thieving. One night while trying to sneak into a wealthy widows bedroom and failing a couple of times to scale a wall and enter a open window by making too much noise, she had the idea of kicking off her boots...and with a nimbleness and speed that astonished her friends silently climbed a drainpie,tiptoed over the roof and slid into the window. She returned quickly with her bag full of precious jewels. She threw the noisy footwear into the bin and her comrades named her Barefoot. Stephanie liked it and dropped her family name for good!

She became friends with a Wookiee smuggler named Tyvokka Cruithne who would occasionally fetch her treats from his travels. Apart from instilling a desire to travel in Stephy,she loved his stories about some of the wild characters he had met. A Dracon Cor who ran a band of brigands called the Smugglers Alliance seemed to play a large part in the Wookiee's tales. She made a point of remembering the name. Stephy didnt see herself as a smuggler but it may be a possible way to get off the planet and begin her travels.

The years slipped by and Stephy developed another skill. Cooking! The Jawa mechanic taught her the basics and Womprat soup became a staple source of nutrition but other delicacies soon followed. Bubble and Squirt, Teerlop-zikody, Bottom-feeder Gumbo and even the very tricky to prepare Wroonian flycatcher filet. Stephy has the skills to feed an army!

One day while sharing a few drinks with her Wookiee friend in her favourite and seediest bar,she took notice of two tall Twi`lek's that had just entered. Stephy stood slowly and unclasped her sabre. She motioned for her companion to go and she took a step around from the table. One of them was her fathers murderer. An anger and insane hatred welled up inside and with a speed and agility only she knew she had, jumped onto the stool and then the bar itself,scattering bottles all over. With a vicious horizontal slash her revenge was complete. Stephy was out through the door and down the street before the Twi'lek`s head hit the floor. Tyvokka blocked some pursuers and she was off in the nearest speeder after some sneaky hot-wiring. A brief farewell to the Jawa and collecting her few savings and clothes she made for the nearest starport. The Hutts police their own and she needed to get away from Tatooine.

At the starport she sent out a communication seeking sanctuary with the Smugglers Alliance. To her astonishment she recieved a reply,from a Lady Ma`at Seshet. In a couple of days after sleeping rough a huge YV-666 landed and a tall and elegant figure came looking for her. Ma`at was a commanding figure but showed a kindly smile at Stephy's scruffy appearence. She led her into the cockpit of a YT-1300 called 'The Blazer' and quickly explained how to fly! Stephy had become a smuggler on her 19th birthday.

The work she had to do came in dribs and drabs but Ma`at was her one constant adviser and confidant. They became friends and soon she was introduced to the leader himself. Dracon Cor had a fearsome reputation among the smugglers but Stephy found him to be affable,generous and always ready to listen and help. Her enthusiasm and loyalty obviously impressed and although not realising it...she had found her family again.

But after about 4 months of flying aound tragedy struck twice. First Ma`at died in unknown circumstances. It was like losing a limb to Stephy. Her mentor and friend gone and never to return. Dracon was so touched by Stephy's loss he presented her with Ma`at's ship. A Firespray renamed 'Seshet's Protege' .  Stephy vowed to worship it and still does to this day.

With Ma`at's demise an opening appeared in the recruiting role. Stephy rather forced herself into it despite some objection from others. She was confident her ability to communicate to strangers and her rather quirky sense of humour would appeal...she was not wrong. But no sooner had she begun in this position when Dracon Cor himself was murdered,again in mysterious circumstances. Stephy never said anything but she knew there was a link between her two friends deaths. The rumours included the far fetched notion that Ma`at was a Black Sun operative....but Stephy dismissed it from her mind. Her mistress...a traitor...never!!!

The leadership passed to Mutus Nox. An easy going Arconan with a salt addiction. An easy fellow to work for but it soon became apparant he was struggling to keep things on an even keel. Without waiting to be told Stephy decided to communicate with everyone,find out what they were doing,where they were and report back to Mutus. Sadly some regarded this intrusion into their affairs with suspicion while others knew she was only trying to help. Then another stranger appeared with big plans. A Dug called Drex Rednax. Stephy immediatly took a shine to him. He was not like the typical Dugs she had encountered on Tatooine. This one was friendly,inventive and clearly knew what he was about. He was the future of TSA but again sadly others disagreed.

A schism developed between Mutus and Drex about the way forward and to Stephy's horror this schism led to the collapse of her beloved TSA. Despite recruiting successfully,bringing in new members...including the daughter of her old Wookiee friend Tyvokka from Tatooine...the finances were in chaos. Stephy had a choice to make. To follow Drex in who she had so much faith or go her own way. She decided to follow Drex, taking with her several of her recruits and pupils.

But again the best laid plans came to nought. The ambition to start a new smuggling business hit problems. The pupils and recruits grew restless and one by one they disappeared until all that was left were Stephy, Drex and the Wookiee Kadivi Cruithne. Stephy and Kadivi had grown very close,just like she had with her father. Their futures seemed dependant on the Dug. But again misfortune hit Stephy. Drex vanished...almost like a ghost! The two friends didnt know where to turn? Job offers came in...but they were undecided where to offer their loyalty.

A mutual friend of the pair called Nick Doom decided to step in. He was the new leader at Freedom Galactic News and happened to be in need of helpers. Stephy didnt really see herself as a journalist but liked and respected Nick so went along for a trial period. Kadivi followed and they soon became popular with the Mindabaal crowd. While Kadivi became involved in producing satellites,Stephy was tasked with creating a news article on the Chiss ideological differences. To her astonishment she enjoyed working on it. The creative streak started to shine through. She also had a rather ambitious idea of taking FGN down the glamour route. She wanted to do a series of interviews with powerful females in a male dominated galaxy. Not in a political sense but a health,fashion and beauty sense. It was certainly a departure from smuggling. Nick Doom liked the idea so Stephy made a list. At the top of the list was Crislyn Anessa Waryn Cor...her former leader and dear friend Dracon's widow.

Stephy actually had another reason for wanting to meet Crislyn. Something was eating away at her heart and mind. The link between Dracon Cor and Ma`at Seshet's death. Crislyn being Dracon's wife at the time may be able to throw some light on it all? The first communication between the pair involved a purchase of antidotes from Athakam MedTech. Stephy's goofy attempts at collecting these antidotes probably baffled and bemused Crislyn but a correspondence between the pair was begun. It was clear to Stephy that here was a powerful and well respected woman yet Crislyn utterly charmed the young girl with her amiable and friendly manner. They quickly became friends. Two very different characters yet also some undefined link and closeness.

Her life at FGN though was going badly. The news reports she worked so hard on were ignored and left to gather dust in her office. She recruited and brought in several new members,she recovered all but one of the company's ships scattered around the galaxy,she found jobs for everyone and also took on the task of running logistics for a Tax Planet build. Stephy had become Vice President in a staggeringly short time and been made a sworn citizen by the Avance Coalition. But she was unhappy...her heart was not in Mindabaal it was being pulled to Argai.

Her conversations with Crislyn had been fun filled and full of joy and it was clear the Rector Superior was as keen on the young reporter as Stephy was on her. But the truth about Dracon Cor and Ma`at Seshet stopped everything dead! She was indeed a traitor and was so insane with jealousy tried to drive a wedge between Dracon and Crislyn. Lies and rumours created a wedge and while Dracon was trying to defend Crislyn's honour he was ambushed and executed. All because of Stephy's former mentor's lies. The effect of learning all this was devastating. Stephy got in her YT-1300 and took off for Argai,but first she paid a visit to the Smugglers Alliance graveyard. The home of fallen warriors.

Stephy found the headstones and mounds of Mutus Nox,Dracon Cor and Ma`at Seshet. She placed a blue rose beneath each stone and with her sabre sliced open her palm and let the blood flow on each grave. Ironically only one tiny drop of blood fell on the weed strewn mound of Ma`at. She collapsed in a heap and flung her arm around the grave and spent an insane night babbling nonsence. The next day she returned her journey to Argai...not really knowing why. A violent and baffling journey ended with Stephy crash landing in the Ryellian deserts, near Izstae. She lost two droids and a Kubaz cleric that were dear to her but worst of all she nearly lost her life. After wandering for hours through the desert she collapsed. Luckily a couple found her and contacted Izstae for help. Stephy became an employee for Athakam MedTech within a week but was primarily a patient. 

For weeks and indeed months, Stephy was a patient as well as an employee of Athakam. Her violent mental condition needed various forms of surgical and psychiatric treatments. She underwent a taransorbital lobotomy to relieve pressure within the brain and also huge cosmetic surgery procedures. Crislyn cured and transformed Stephy. After leaving her padded cell she underwent a form of training. She became a skilled exponent of the ancient art of Xim-Watsu. A martial art based on the use of any hand held melee weapon. Combined with meditation she was on her way to being cured. A lot of the time she spent alone but several people became a part in her life. Taranae Rhode, a Naboo lady became a constant companion. Her gentle words of wisdom becalmed Stephy. It was not long before they became lovers. Sadly the doctor who had become such a mentor to her, disappeared. She missed Crislyn desperately. 

Many others helped Stephy intergrate into Tion life however. Gunnar Starfall, Dax Owok, and even the Lord Hegemon himself Typhon Corbin. But it was her recruits who became the reason for Stephy's resurgence. Lena Lash, Chargrim Migra, Qardin Fal-cona, Nathan Barber, Ziyal Kell and a young Chiss woman called Calista Nayme. Soon she was getting itchy feet...she was once more wanting to test herself. So she decided to join the construction department under Takao Asai.

Plans for a wedding were put on hold because of an injury Taranae suffered. But more and more friends were coming into her life. Elas Sacara, Neria Derycke, Major Scott Hood, Lana Starstalker, Lilith Delcroix, and Thali`a N`ightshade. Stephy had once more found a family, adopted yes, but still a family.

She took to building and logistical work with a flourish. And again quickly made rapid strides in her career.

She took part in the aborted plantary build on Desargorr V, helped organize and run the Desargorr III build and rose to a position of assistant architect. In her personal life, she finally married Taranae Rhode in a low key service attended by her closest friends and adopted family. Stephy also after lots of research, discovered she is indeed Hapan, like her mother. Sadly a black cloud emmerged in the shape of ********* ******* and her sister Calista also disappeared without a word.  

After the Desargorr III build, Stephy and Taranae headed off on a long and well deserved honeymoon. Hunting at several places around Yavin, Lorell and even Coruscant. While this was going on, her closest friend Neria joined Tion and the future promises to be fun filled and joyous. Crislyn had also returned and her love and affection for the Tion cluster was absolute. 

Upon their return to Tion, Stephy was made unofficial head of Tion Construction. She was immediately charged with the organisation and coordination of the Voss V project. It was a complete success and another massive planet was made habitable for millions and millions of Tionese subjects.

The next project was the re-development of Desargorr V. To demolish hundreds of towering skyscrapers and rebuild with modern and stylish suberbs proved an arduous task. Stephy delivered though and her position was cemented. She was invited to take a seat on the Tion Hegemony high council along with the most powerful and influential people in the cluster. She became close to the Hegemon himself and more plans were hatched for the upcoming year.

Another extraordinary happening took place. While touring the seas of Lorell with a force sensitive friend, he was attacked by a marauding Cy`een and he lost his precious dual bladed lightsabre. Stephy dived into the water and tried to recover the weapon, but it became lodged between rocks and her lungs were close to bursting. An unexplained surge of power sent her flying from the water at a blistering speed and in midair she ignited the weapon and landed on the monster's back. Her skills with the weapon astounded her friend and the Cy`een was quickly sliced apart. Stephy was now blessed with the force. For several weeks she trained with her friend and master and she quickly gained knowledge and more skills. She also recovered a rare Eye-snatcher egg and it was later hatched presenting Stephy with a pet. While Desargorr V was being completed, Stephy spent more and more time alone, meditating and testing her mental powers. There was a new enemy within Tion but he would be dealt with in time, it would be an excellent way to further test her skills. 

The responsibility of command was starting to take a toll. Her closeness to certain friends and family was starting to fragment. Work related arguments became commonplace but Stephy refused to let it interfere with her destiny. A new, massive project was soon to begin and again, it would test her skills to the limit.

The massive project was the planet Cadinth II. One of the biggest in the Tion Cluster. Despite several setbacks, the planet was completely developed in just over 12 weeks and is now home to a thriving population. But her work never ceased. Already she began preparing for Amarin II. But she did have time to attend to the scrawny youth who had foolishly attempted to trap her. His death not only sent Stephy down the dark side of the force, but also lifted a weight from her shoulders.

Another trip with Taranae took them to the Vorsia Companion. It was there where Countess Lilith Delcroix and her medical experts from the future foundation engineered a sperm taken from both ladies DNA. Not long after, Tara was indeed confirmed as being pregnant and in under nine months, they would be parents. 

Stephy played a key role in securing the system of Belderone. While her friend Crislyn toured the planets meeting the indigenous peoples, Stephy and her sister Lana oversaw the first initial construction of dwellings. It was a stressful few days leading to many arguments with her fellow high council partners, but it was a successful operation that added greatly to the Tionese lands.

Written by Stephanie Barefoot, 12 years ago.
Last updated on Year 15, Day 183, 12:34:14.
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