Preface (expand)

The Constitution of the Tion Hegemony was scribed for the sentients within Tion Space, whether citizen or visitor. The purpose of the Constitution is to give all beings inside the space of the Tion Hegemony an understanding into the system of government as well as their legal rights and responsibilities while living within its borders.

Herein lies all legal rights and responsibilities of all those within Tion Hegemony space, along will all criminal offences and their relevant punishments in accordance with Tion Hegemony laws and values. Should a visitor or citizen of the Tion Hegemony infringe upon these laws, the Armed Forces of the Tion Hegemony have the right and responsibility to arrest the offending individual(s) until such a time that a legal proceeding can be conducted by a legal operative appointed by the Tion Hegemony High Council.

All offences carry a mandatory minimum sentence as set out by this legal document. However, under ‘Lord/Lady Hegemon Powers’, the leader of the Tion Hegemony or an appointed representative, should the Lord/Lady Hegemon be incapacitated, has the right to amend the sentence, both in leniency or severity should they see fit. In instances where the maximum sentence of death has been handed down to the offender by the legislating operative of the Tion Hegemony, the Lord/Lady Hegemon must review the case and approve the undertaking prior to it being carried out by the Armed Forces of the Tion Hegemony.

Under the Constitution of the Tion Hegemony, Greater Tion Space is defined as all planets, systems and sectors that the government of the Tion Hegemony and its nationalized corporations control. All space within the controlled sectors should be considered, as under the guise of the Tion Hegemony, along will all foreign embassies, delegations and military craft owned by the Tion Hegemony Government.

Section I: Tion Citizenship (expand)

I. Definition

A citizen of the Tion Hegemony is a sentient who is recognized to be a law-abiding citizen who seeks to live within Tion Space and follow all laws and systems of government, which in turn grants them the rights of being a recognized Tion Hegemony citizen. The government system endorses two types of citizenship as described below; although the requirements for each type are different, they are both subject to the same laws.

a) Natural Citizenship

Any sentient who seeks political asylum and diplomatic immunity, or that has submitted a job application directly to Tion Hegemony or any of its nationalized factions, is considered a natural citizen from the moment their application is approved by the Interior Ministry. By submitting interest to become a Tion Hegemony citizen, the applicant automatically agrees to obey all Tion Hegemony laws and uphold all responsibilities, while submitting to a background check to ensure security. Once the relevant checks have been completed and the Interior Ministry grants citizenship to the applicant, they have the right to wear the various citizenship badges as granted by the Tion Hegemony, along with the rights listed in this section of the Constitution.

All Government and nationalized company employees, as part of their citizenship agreement, acknowledge their participation in the Armed Forces Reserves of Tion, and can be called upon whenever required in a state of emergence to gather arms and defend the Tion Cluster. Political Asylum and Diplomatic Immunity is granted to those delegates or individuals who are in no way, shape or form threats to the Tion Hegemony. Should the applicant be deemed to pose a threat to any citizen of the Tion Hegemony, their political asylum and/or diplomatic immunity will be declined and they will be arrested by the Armed Forces of the Tion Hegemony for processing.

b) Honorary Citizenship

Honorary citizenship can be granted, under agreement of the Lord/Lady Hegemon, to any former natural citizen who left the sovereignty of the Tion Hegemony in good terms after an exceptional time of service. Alternatively, any sentient that does not qualify for Natural Citizenship by lack of affiliation to the Tion Hegemony or any of its nationalized factions, but has a historically positive relationship with the nation as a whole, may apply for honorary citizenship.

This privilege can be granted either by a direct request to the Tion Hegemony High Council or from a commendation by a seating member of the High Council, and it is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Honorary Citizenship can be revoked at any time by decision of the Lord/Lady Hegemon, or by committing a criminal offense as listed in this document.

II. Rights & Duties

Being officially recognized by the Tion Hegemony as a citizen grants any sentient a number of rights that are protected by this legal document. These rights are as follows:

  • The right to live in a free society under the protection of the Tion Hegemony.
  • The right to a fair trial.
  • The right to own assets throughout Tion Space.
  • The right to exploit unowned resources in Tion Space (like asteroid fields).

Owning facilities on Tion-governed planets and space stations in Tion Space is subject to the Lord/Lady Hegemon approval.

Citizenship also comes with duties regarding the Tion Hegemony. These duties are as follows:

  • The duty to follow the instructions of any authority regarding the maintenance, development and defense of the Tion Hegemony.
  • The duty to use government-owned (or any Nationalized Corporation’s) property when conducting official business.
  • The duty to obey all laws and government legislations and regulations while within Tion Space.
  • The duty to not commit any acts that would infringe upon the image or abilities of the Tion Hegemony in any way whilst outside Tion Space.

Section II: Tion Visitorship (expand)

I. Definition

A visitor of the Tion Hegemony is a sentient who is temporarily accessing Tion Space on account of commercial, political, or social matters. By entering any sector and/or system under control of the Tion Hegemony or any of its nationalized factions, a visitor implicitly agrees to behave in accordance to the principles and values of the Hegemony, and to comply with the Rights and Duties specified below.

II. Rights & Duties

Any sentient recognized as a visitor must compel to this Constitution. Additionally the following rights are granted:

  • The right of open trade with citizens and visitors
  • The right of free circulation in Tion Space, including stations and planets.

Special authorizations, such as access to shield-protected planets, can be granted upon request to the Tion Hegemony High Council.

Section III: The Tion Hegemony Government (expand)

I. Tion High Council

The Tion Hegemony Government is the sole legislative body within Tion Space. Through the powers granted to them, they have the right and responsibility to act as the voice for all Tion Hegemony citizens throughout the galaxy and protect them and their interests within Tion Space. The main legislative branch of the government is the Tion Hegemony High Council, which consists of all Ministers defined in Section IV of this document; the Lord/Lady Hegemon, and the Lord/Lady Chancellor.

a) Responsibilities & Rights

  • The right to legislate on matters that affect citizens of the Tion Cluster including defense, interior matters, external diplomacy, trade, transportation and infrastructure.
  • The right to commence or halt all Tion Hegemony operations in any or all departments as required.
  • The right to preside over any and all legal matters within Tion Space via an appointed representative.
  • The right to declare war.
  • The right to declare peace.
  • The right to commence or cancel trade agreements with neighboring governments.
  • The right to commence or cancel diplomatic agreements with neighboring governments.
  • The right to remove the Lord/Lady Hegemon via a two thirds majority vote of no confidence.

b) Dismission

Should a member of the Tion High Council become unfit, unwilling or unable to perform their duties in a way that benefits the Tion Hegemony, they may resign or be removed from their position by either the Lord/Lady Hegemon solely, or with a two thirds majority vote of no confidence by all registered Tionese citizens.

II. The Lord/Lady Hegemon

The Lord/Lady Hegemon is the leader of the Tion Hegemony and acts as the Head of State. Through their role they become the public representative for all Tion Hegemony matters to the galaxy. As leader of the Hegemony, they accept the responsibilities of a lifetime appointment to the post.

a) Responsibilities & Rights

Through the powers of their office, the Lord/Lady Hegemon is the Head of the Tion High Council and has the following additional rights and responsibilities:

  • The right to remove a member of the Tion Hegemony Government as required.
  • The right to ratify or revoke all legislation (including citizenship, criminal proceedings and diplomatic accords).
  • The right to decrease or increase the severity of a sentence in a legal proceeding.
  • The right to appoint a deputy to serve as Second in Command of the Tion Hegemony.

Section IV: Government Structure (expand)

The Tion Hegemony Government, as defined in Section III of this document, runs the various operations of the Hegemony through a number of departments to ensure independent and smooth operations for all government ventures. The head of each branch is given the honorary title of Lord/Lady Minister, which signifies their position as direct operator that sits on the Hegemony Council, and is chiefly responsible for their departments actions.

The existing departmental structure is as follows.

I. The Interior Ministry

The Interior Ministry is responsible for all internal operations within the Tion Hegemony Government. The main responsibilities include all matters relating to citizenship within Tion Space, along with managing all human resource operations for the Tion Hegemony and its nationalized companies. Under the guise of the Interior Ministry, all Public Relations and Legal operations are run throughout the ministry, used predominantly for minor announcements and legal proceedings that relate primarily to internal Hegemony matters. The Lord/Lady Minister of the Interior is also responsible for overseeing all Hegemony Construction and Logistical Operations, along with managing the operations of all non-production organizations under the ownership of the Tion Hegemony.

II. The Defense Ministry

The Defense Ministry is responsible for managing the defense of the Tion Hegemony and its space, including its home sectors, while also operating as the primary security and police force within Tion Space. While all military operations are overseen and reported to the Tion Hegemony Council, the Lord/Lady Minister of Defense, bearing the official title of Hyperion, is in charge of all military coordination, management and output, and is held chiefly responsible for its actions.

III. The Ministry of Production

The Ministry of Production manages all main infrastructures within the Tion Hegemony and its organizations, including all outputs associated throughout these operations from creation through to an eventual transaction. The Lord/Lady Minister of Production is responsible for coordinating all manufacturing operating and establishing a sales price, while continuing market growth. Complimenting this, the Lord/Lady Minister acts as the general overseer of all nationalized companies that specialize in production.

IV. The Ministry of State & Diplomacy

The Ministry of State and Diplomacy is responsible for all major diplomatic operations within the Tion Cluster. While the Interior Ministry, under the guise of Public Relations, manages all external press releases and internal updates, the Ministry of State and Diplomacy specializes in all major diplomatic negotiations involving the Tion Hegemony, including the management of all outside embassies and delegations, and the appointment of diplomats and emissaries.

Section V: Nationalized Corporations (expand)

A Nationalized Corporation as recognized by the Tion Hegemony is one that seeks to provide goods or services that seek to benefit and ensure the prosperity of the Tion Hegemony. A Tion Hegemony nationalized Corporation is primarily owned by the Tion Hegemony, or in some cases by a member of Tion Hegemony High Council with support from the Government. The operation of these corporations is overseen by either the Interior or Production Ministry dependent on the operations the company undertakes, and are managed by recognized Tion Hegemony citizens.

The Nationalized Companies, as part of their agreements to support the Tion Hegemony, abide by Tion Hegemony Laws and the Tion Hegemony owns all assets within the corporations unless an individual agreement has been discussed and ratified. In accordance with the agreement, the Tion Hegemony takes on the responsibility to continue funding the corporation if required, while protecting its interests both in a public relations form and in a military sense.

Should the nationalized company cease operations or dissolve entirely, the nationalization agreement is immediately ceased and all assets are to be seized by the Tion Hegemony. Should the corporation re-open its doors under a new establishment or new management, the corporation has no affiliation to the Tion Hegemony unless a new nationalization agreement is discussed and ratified by the Tion High Council.

Under the powers of the nationalization agreements, the Tion Hegemony reserves the right to immediately sever all ties with a nationalized company and seize all assets should it meet a two-thirds majority vote in favor by the Tion High Council. Under the agreement, the Tion Hegemony may remove any or all employees from the corporations should it see fit and instate others based on the terms of the nationalization agreement.

Section VI: Offences & Sentences (expand)

I. Offences

Is classified as an offence any act or speech of a sentient that may harm the government, any of its representative, or any citizen of Tion Hegemony. Listed below is the list of covered offences.

a) Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the Peace in a broad sense is when an individual causes unrest or discomfort to others as determined by the Armed Forces of the Tion Hegemony while in Tion Space. Disturbing the Peace could involve trespassing, inciting or attempting to incite a riot or rebellion without prior clearance or authority, or participating in inappropriate public gestures or speech.

b) Theft & Scamming

Tion Hegemony Law classifies the theft of another’s property whether in a non-violent or violent sense, along with the act of robbery, whether in a non-violent or violent sense, to be an offence.

c) Treason

Any individual who commits or has the intent of committing an action that seeks to overthrow the Government of the Tion Hegemony; communicates classified materials regarding to any aspect of the Tion Hegemony to a foreign agent, operative or enemy of the state in a willing nature; intends to kill, or kills a member of the Tion Hegemony High Council; or engages in a war against the Tion Hegemony in direct contradiction of their duties as a Tion Hegemony citizen are guilty of treason.

d) Murder

Any person or individual who unlawfully kills, without appropriate justification, as deemed by a Tion Hegemony Court is guilty of murder when they have a premeditated intention to kill another, intend to kill another or inflict grievous bodily hard, or become a participant in an act that is dangerous to others and has a disregard for life.

II. Sentences

A visitor or citizen of the Tion Hegemony accused or suspected of any of the offences listed above will be tried by the Tion High Council. Possible sentences are as follows:

a) Exile

Citizen rights are revoked and an adjustable period of time is given to the sentient to leave Tion Space. Once this delay is expired, the sentient will be considered as an enemy of the Tion Hegemony and be handled accordingly.

b) Imprisonment

The citizen will be arrested and transferred to a prison complex for a variable period of time, depending on the nature of the crime. Once the delay is expired, the citizen will be released and be considered as any other citizen of the TIon Hegemony.

c) Capital Punishment

Citizen rights are revoked and the sentient is executed.

Section VII: Foreign Policies (expand)

The Tion Hegemony follows standard rules of engagement with third-party governments and private corporations. These rules, known as Foreign Policies, may be overridden by the signing of diplomatic pacts individual to each.

I. Extradition

Extradition arrangements are available should it be proven that a citizen of the Tion Hegemony has committed criminal offences within the space of a government before, during or prior to their citizenship being approved by the Tion Hegemony. Should irrefutable evidence be presented to the Tion Hegemony Council, the offending individual(s) will be arrested by the Armed Forces of the Tion Hegemony prior to being deported back to the authorities of said government.

Section VIII: Ratification (expand)

The Tion Hegemony Constitution was supported and approved by the Tion High Council on Day 300 of Galactic Year 21 and signed by each sitting member. This document effectively replaces the old Tion Codex document in it's entirety.

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