Biography of Wira Indochristo

Name: Wira Indochristo
Callsign: -

Rank: ()
Duty: Fatherhood

Race: Corellian
Gender: Male
Age: 37


Son of a ranger, Wira Indochristo was born on the planet Voss. His father, who was a corellian, wanted him to join Corellian Engineering Corporation but Wira aspired to be in the military. Because of that, he would get into violent fights with his father. At age 18, young Wira left Voss planet and wandered across the galaxy to find his true self and looked for work that suit his aspiration,

On his journey, he visited Corellia to met his uncle Damian Indochristo, a former adventurer that now live as a gun maker in the city of Athos, he learned a lot about hunting, especially art of rifling from him

Wira is quickly become addicted to hunt, with just an A280 that given by his uncle, he spent days and even weeks in the deep forest of Corellia, he met a fellow hunter named Andree Cyberdree, they quickly became acquintances,
One day when they went to their monthly hunt schedule, something terrible happened, Andree was standing too close to the monster Rancor, fortunately Wira was able to save him from grave danger, they sworn oath as brothers ever since




One day, he realised that he had wandered across the galaxy for nothing because the faction he wanted to join was just a few parsecs from his home. He signed up for military service in the Tion Hegemony. Wira was assigned to 1st Fleet under Admiral Gatecross. He proved his worth time and time again. He quickly rose up in the rank of Tion Military Department

Wira had his eye on fellow fighter pilot Lana Starstalker but he was too hesitant to actually say anything to her.

Certain events happened which led to the 1st Fleet admiral to step down. The Hyperion nominated Wira as the next fleet admiral. Wira asked his good friend Lana to be the Executive Officer of the fleet and she accepted.

A few months later, his dream came true as Lana and himself became lovers. Then on Day 104 Year 14, he proposed to her and she said yes.

Now the happy couple are waiting for their daughter to be born



to be continued ...

Written by Wira Indochristo, 12 years ago.
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