Athakam MedTech / History


In the days of the Galactic Republic, Athakam Medical Technologies was the premier supplier of medical goods to the galaxy. At the time, it was unsurpassed in the sheer quantity of medical supplies that it produced and shipped to the numerous retailers that handled the distribution of its products. One of the most well-known Athakam MedTech products from that era was the Athakam II med unit.

While Athakam was firmly established and primarily concentrated in the civilian medical sector, with the increase in violence and military conflicts plaguing the Galactic Republic throughout the galaxy during the Clone Wars, Athakam's focus in research slowly shifted towards more militaristic applications. Rumors arose that a large number of Athakam's secret experiments were related to the development of chemical weapons; however, the corporation has never released any information regarding its research during that time period and has officially denied accusations that it was developing the next generation in bio-weapons for a "super plague" to discriminately target specific species. Whether Athakam actually produced or introduced any chemical weapons to the galaxy is still unknown to this day.

By the time of the collapse of the Galactic Republic, though, Athakam had once more turned its powerhouse focus back into its pacifistic roots of civilian medical products. With the rise of the Galactic Empire, Athakam entered into a close partnership with the Rhinnal State Medical Academy to develop a new generation of medical tools. Although this partnership saw to an increasingly flourishing company, Athakam once more became surrounded with rumors, this time of a different sort. Although these rumors, like those of before, have never been confirmed, many thought that Athakam secretly supplied the Rebel Alliance with medical supplies, despite Athakam’s stated neutrality. As unconfirmed as these rumors were, they nevertheless opened a void between Athakam and its prosperous partnership with the Rhinnal State Medical Academy. In addition, Athakam began facing stiff new fees and tariffs for its exports to worlds controlled by the Galactic Empire as well as a declining number of transportation groups and retailers that were willing to work with it. Although Athakam has always owned extensive holdings on countless planets, it relied on the galactic shippers to move its products from Athakam’s factories to the storehouses of major galactic retailers. With the lack of support and contact among these two groups, Athakam’s business took a sharp dovetail as it began accumulating ever increasing stockpiles of goods it couldn’t sell. Even worse, multiple production centers and orbital factories were confiscated by overzealous planetary governors on trumped up charges. With the changing dynamics of galactic power and its lack of the lobbying power it had in the past, there was little Athakam could do to retaliate.

While Athakam's struggle to survive never stopped, over the years its existence became a slim shadow of its former glory. The company continually had to consolidate and gave up its holdings on world after world until finally, it maintained only a few meager holdings on a handful of planets. From an intergalactic corporate power able to influence the decisions of the Galactic Republic to nothing more than an intersystem producer of outdated medical products, Athakam’s decline seemed absolute.

Yet, that was an era of the past, a tale already written into history holo-archives. With a change in ownership, a new era for Athakam is beginning.


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