Biography of Arthorius Castus

Name: Arthorius Castus
Callsign: Thor

Rank: Recruit (1)
Duty: -
Dept.: Construction
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30


Biographical Information
Name: Arthorius Castus
Race: Human (half Bespian , half Corellian)
Homeworld: Tatooine
Mother: Igrenia Lefay 
Father: Utherion Castus
Born: Year -13 Day 344
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 1,76m (82Kg)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Light
Political and Military Information
Affiliation: Tion Hegemony
Rank (Military): Recruit , 2nd Fleet
Current Position: no data available
Arthorius , unique son of Utherion Castus from Corellia and Igrenia Lefay from Bespin , 
was born in Tatooine and lived there for his first 12 years.
His family left Tatooine after a Farmer Revolt surpressed with violence by the New Republic , 
when Arthorius was in the age of 12.
After loosing their home , family and friends , by the New Republic , 
the Castus family sworn first allegiance to the Imperial Union 
and then moved to the Tion Cluster , in a quest for better life and a decent work for them.
They reached the Tion Cluster after a long travel across various systems , 
in a constant run from the forces of the New Republic 
and established themself in Indinor , a major city in the planet Desargorr II.
Arthorius' father , Utherion , an Engineer , starts to work for the Nikklon Mining Corporation as a Construction-Engineer , 
and his mother , Igrenia , a Medic and Biological Researcher , begun to work for the Athakam MedTech as a Biological Researcher , 
where both are working nowadays.
Recently , Utherion and his wife Igrenia , achieved full citizenship as citizen of the Tion Hegemony.
Arthorius himself , joined with 13 years the Indinor Youth and Students Academy in Indinor , where he finished 
his academical career at the age of 18 years with medium to high grades , he never was a great student , 
but good enough to achieve the IYSA-Final Diploma , what grants him the access to the Military of the Tion Hegemony.
He sworn himself to join the Military of the Tion Hegemony to retaliate the New Republic , 
for the violent episodes taken place in Tatooine several years ago and so he did , 
at year 13 , day 347 , he achieved full citizenship as citizen of the Tion Hegemony 
and he joined the Military of the Hegemony , 
as Recruit in the 2nd Fleet under the command of Jaster Gav.
Now , for Arthorius , callsign Thor , on the early age of 18 , opened a new path in his life , 
a unknown path for now , the time will show to Thor the correct way to go.
more to come .....

*** Biography is still under construction ***

Written by Arthorius Castus, 12 years ago.
Last updated on Year 13, Day 351, 03:07:21.
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