Biography of Biowa Gatecross

Name: Biowa Gatecross
Callsign: -

Rank: Fleet Admiral (15)
Duty: Commanding Officer
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Hapan
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Fleet Admiral Biowa Gatecross is the current commanding officer of the Tionese 1st Fleet.


Biowa Gatecross' life of adventure on Hapes did not stop when he left his planet shortly after his good friend Kerveros Nightstalker did so many years ago. Leaving only a year after her and having heard of her success with the Triumvirate Coalition, Biowa took a transport to join the government just as she had. Upon entering the group he found that he excelled there, earning the "Best of Class" medal from his graduating class at their academy.

Biowa was placed directly into the Logistics department and given his first Captaincy of a ship, a Government owned YT-510. Instantly Biowa fell in love. Flying was where he belonged, at the helm of a vessel in the middle of space, planning his own course, commanding his own destiny. Biowa worked hard and efficiently for the Coalition and earned many quick promotions until he reached the level of Project Coordinator, and had earned the "Renatasia Service award" and "Centrality Service Award" for his time in service for the Coalition.

His rise through the faction was noticed by many as Biowa was a loud and contributing member of the Coalition. His eccentricities were noticed by many and found only praise. The one thing that stopped his rise was the fact that he was found to be Force sensitive. Biowa was contacted by the Jedi Order and quickly went into their ranks. Little is known of his history within the mysterious group of Force users. But when he came out he had a sense of calm radiating from him, although his eccentricities were still ever present the man lived in peace within organized chaos.

Shortly after his emergence from his sabbatical to the Jedi Order, he met with his two old friends Kerveros Nightstalker and Chronos Darkwater. The three formed a successful collaboration and created DNS, a ship building faction in year 10 day 262. After some months complications with galactic politics led to the dissolution of DNS.

After some months of circling the galaxy the force had guided him to the Tion Cluster, back to his friends in the Tion Hegemony. After contacting them he found himself under the employ of Nikklon Mining Incorporated. Working himself quickly up the ranks and under the eyes of the High Command he found himself in charge of the company as CEO. Now he strives to bring the company back to it's former glory via a complete restructuring of the company.

Written by Gunn Starfall, 13 years ago.
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