Biography of Barnaby Black

Name: Barnaby Black
Callsign: Sugar

Rank: Praetorian (5)
Duty: Voss Mystic
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Corellian
Gender: Male
Age: -



Little is known regarding Barnaby's childhood, except for what he has chosen to share with his friends, and he remains very tight lipped about this part of his life. What is known, is that he was found by a travelling Merchant as an infant and spent most of his early childhood in space. For this reason, Barnaby's exact date of birth is unknown - at the time of writing (Year 13 Day 204) he estimates his age to be around 32. When asked where he comes from, he answers mostly Tatooine (since this is where he effectivly grew up), however he has also been known to say "Deep Space" and sometimes even Corellia, since due to his personality traits, he has been frequently identified as a Corellian, even though (to his knowledge) he has never visited the planet.
Barnaby's own words "I was passed around between people like a Shockball when I was a real little kid. I never knew where I would end up from one week to the next. Some people were kind to me, but most were mean - at times I was close to being a slave - I never even spent a day in school until I reached Tresarian Space."
When he was old enough, Barnaby jumped ship on Tatooine where he began to look after himself. He estimates his age at that time to be about 8 or 9 years old.

Early adulthood

Having no formal education, he was unable to gain meaningful employment and Barnaby's life quickly sank to one mainly occupied with petty crime. Quite intelligent and recognised early on as a gifted starship pilot, he was involved in many dealings with the underworld on Tatooine and began to become a "successful" dealer of small arms, slaves, stolen goods and illicit substances. As he grew more successful, he also grew bolder and more reckless and began to draw the unwanted attention of the local authorities as well as agents of the Galactic Empire - particularly after a failed arms deal involving a shipment of intercepted Galactic Empire 22T4's.
Once it became obvious that he was under surveillance and a "person of interest to the Empire", his friends in crime quickly abandoned him, just like so many others in his past had done. Barnaby had become a fugitive, wanted by 2 different authorities for many minor crimes. His past had caught up with him and his future looked very bleak.
[edit]Entry into Tresario Star Kingdom
At this point of his life, Barnaby happened to meet a passing TSK Officer - an Iktotchi named Hrdzo Dzedaj - who recognised his potential and took pity on his situation. Hrdzo offered to smuggle him off-world to escape the ever tightening noose of GE troopers on his trail, and take him back to Tresarian Space to Ku'Baki. Barnaby gratefully accepted, and during the voyage back, the two became good friends. It was at this time that Barnaby accepted the offer to attend the University of Tresario - his first exposure to a formal education. Barnaby was a quick learner and a good student, and upon graduation immediatly aplied and was accepted into the Navy. 

Physical Appearance

Barnaby is a solid, large framed, muscular individual who stands 1.92m tall and weighs 95kgs. He keeps his head shaven and has a stylised beard which he changes the shape of frequently. He has a large scar running down the right hand side of his face, which gives him a rough and intimidating look. He also has extensive tattoos on his body, which are not visible when he is clothed.
He prefers to wear his regular service or working uniforms to his dress uniform, even though he cuts an impressive figure that make the ladies weak in the knees when he puts it on. 


On first meeting him, Barnaby has a rough and gruff demeanor - his mannerisms are born of his background as an urchin, petty criminal and fugitive. He is constantly on the defensive when he meets new people; he tends to stand back and let them do all the talking while he assesses them in his mind, which some people have taken for arrogance and a judgmental attitude - Barnaby is more than happy to hide behind this. Trust is not something that comes easy to Barnaby, but it's something he is working on.
Once he has relaxed and decided he likes you, Barnaby is an extremely loyal friend with a quick wit. His enemies generally live in fear, move far away or try to appease him. Since joining with the Tresarians, his attitude has softened significantly and for the first time in his life, he feels like he has a home and a family.
Under stress, he is well known for his cool, calm and in-control manner. When backed into a corner and threatened, he has a tendency to use an excessive amount of violence to defend himself and his "people".
Barnaby is a keen cook, he is also a connoisseur of fine cigars, whiskey and women. 

Personal Life

During the early part of Y13, a young attractive Junior Lieutenant by the name of Neria Derycke was assigned to the squad he was commanding, and the two grew very close. Barnaby was attracted to Neria immediately, however since she was under him direct command and not yet a fully commissioned officer, his personal feelings for the girl had to take second place to duty. It was a difficult time for Barnaby, however she was quickly promoted into the ranks of Officer which opened up an opportunity for them to pursue a relationship.
The beginnings of the relationship were slow - Barnaby is a very private person and found it difficult to open up fully, however during a Top Secret mission for the Tresarian Navy, both of them faced death together at the hands of a mastermind Chiss criminal, and through this experience, deep bonds of trust and love were formed.
By the end of Y13, Neria and Barnaby had become an attractive and celebrated couple both within the Tresario Star Kingdom and outside, and Barnaby was invited to join House Derycke after the dramatic and dangerous rescue of Lilly Derycke from a pirate gang in deep space.


On Y14D58, Barnaby proposed marriage to Neria. The date for the nuptials has not yet been set, however the ceremony and party are sure to be impressive.

Military Career

During his time in the Tresario Navy, he has served with his comrades on several campaigns.
He received his Commission as Lieutenant and took his Oath of Service on Day 194 of Year 13. Shortly after he was appointed his first command as Task Force Commanding Officer where he currently serves.
Promoted to Lt Commander Y13 D254.
Promoted to Commander (with honours)Y13 D321
Promoted to Commanding Officer of the Tresarian Navy Y13 D321.
Beginning of Y14D54, Barnaby left TSK and began employment in the private sector as Byblos Drive Yards Chief of Security where he developed a cohesive fighting force for the failing production faction.
Y14D167 Joined the Tion Hegemony Navy 1st Fleet as a recruit.
Written by Barnaby Black, 12 years ago.
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