Biography of Owen Nightblade

Name: Owen Nightblade
Callsign: Reaper

Rank: Nova Star Colonel (11)
Duty: -
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Owen Nightblade was born on Pamarthe to his parents Marianne and Henry Nightblade. His father Henry, was the head of Security for Pamarthe, and an owner along with his brother Stu Nightblade, of Nightblade Transportation which was one of the planets main transportation company. His mother Marianne La`roon, was a Slave until Henry bought her from Abric The Hutt at a slave market that he was passing by.
One day while out Henry found some information about Marianne's family and discovered that her father Stanley La`roon was once a highly respectable man who warked as a city accountant. He was prone to gambling and one day lost all of his money gambling on a pod race. Desperate to not loose his position, he sold his daughter Marianne to Abric. 
Owen grow up on his families lake front estate on Pamarthe, where he loved flying his families collection of starships. His Father and Uncle spared no little time in teaching him the many arts of piloting and would often take him on trips in their C-3 Liner. Owen, a lover of flying ubsorbed these times with passion and would often race his friends along the cliffs of Pamarthe. His Uncle was sharpshooter and would often compete in the planets shooting events. Owen would often find him in the families shooting range and would practice wih him when not flying. Soon he become a marksmen with blasters and would join his Uncle at the competitions. In his spare time he would find his friends and wrestle around on the beach of their astates.
One day a man named Hank Skyler of whose identity is unkown, arrived at the estate requesting a meeting with his Uncle and parents. They had just sent Owen off in a freighter to pick up a new speeder they had purchased. When again within sight of his home he noticed a family fighter take off and race away to orbit. Not being something his parents would take to orbit, he raced after it but could not catch up to it do to the weight of his freighter. Returning he entered the house and went straight to the meeting room, and on entering his face filled with rage and sorrow, for there his parents and Uncle lay dead. Racing over he desprettly tried to bring life into them with a shot of bacta but to no avale. Morning he sat down and noticed file on the table. On reading it he learned that this man had fooled his parents into signing a document that was encryted script that would hand all the families assets over to him and giving him access to classified security files. Knowing that the authorites would soon be on his tail, he he quickly loaded his family heirlooms, Uncle and parents into a BFF in the bay and raced to his families C-3 in orbit. Just as he before he jumped he saw the planets security fighters already racing in his direction and with a sigh of relieve, he jumped.
He contacted family friend in the Tresario Star Kingdom. He offered him a position their soon met wonderful friends like Neria Derycke and Barnaby Black. Neria, was like a mentor to him. He left Treasrio some time after Neria Derycke and Barnaby Black and met them once again in Tion Hegemony where he had finally found a new home and friends. Owen is working his way up in the Military where he excells because of his skills and what he learned from his family.
Written by Owen Nightblade, 12 years ago.
Last updated on Year 17, Day 289, 15:09:46.
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