Biography of Gadon Trammer

Name: Gadon Trammer
Callsign: -

Rank: ()
Duty: :: RETIRED ::
Dept.: High Command
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Falleen
Gender: Male
Age: -
Chancellor Gadon Trammer is the Lord Minister of Production in the Tion Hegemony. He is also the founder of Tion Military and Science Industries, a ship production company and affiliate of the Hegemony.


Early Life


Little is known about Gadon's youth besides that he was born on Falleen. Although many have asked him to divulge this piece of his past, and even more have attempted to seek this information, none have succeeded.

Military Academy

What is known is that after some time at a Falleen university, Gadon quit for some unknown reason and traveled to Coruscant, where he enrolled in one of the various military academies. Originally training to be a ground soldier - and later selected for the commando program - he unexpectedly switched into the naval program. With training initially in fighters, and then freighters, he eventually advanced into capital ships. After passing with honors the basic programs, he was accepted into a command-training program, usually reserved for those who had over a decade of experience.

Finally graduating from the military academy, his first job was with a mercenary space force, serving as a fighter pilot and officer. It was from this duty that his career would start.

Early Career

Mon Calamari Shipyards

When a friend of his notified him about several openings in Mon Calamari Shipyard's security department, Gadon transferred over and was appointed a squadron commander of Y-wings. While he performed his tasks satisfactory, he joined at the wrong time - a time where the leadership of Mon Calamari Shipyards was incompetent and devoted little time to properly manging the company. As such, after a short stint there, he decided to resign and look for another opening.

Hoar Chall Engineering

After quitting Mon Calamari Shipyards, Gadon looked around for a new job, and after reviewing several different opportunities, decided to join Hoar Chall Engineering. Signing up as the captain of a freighter ship for HCE's logistics department, after a while, he decided to switch into production. While he had numerous years of experience with piloting and commanding ships, he had little experience with production, but under Kieran Traejik's tutelage, he quickly learned.

In addition to just production, Gadon also decided to take on more roles and responsibilities. After volunteering and being accepted as the Public Relations Liaison and Sales Person of Hoar Chall Engineering, Gadon began interacting with the numerous other traders and groups among the galaxy. Serving in this position for a fairly long time, he would be reluctant to leave.

Lant Mining Corporation

Out of the blue one day, while meeting with several other members of CIS factions, he learned that Taldar Logas, an old friend of his, now lead one of the CIS factions. After getting in touch with Taldar, he was offered a job with Lant Mining Corporation, and it was after long consideration and with great regret that Gadon left Hoar Chall Engineering for the Lant Mining Corporation.

Originally recruited as the Transport Director and Security Co-Director of Lant Mining, Gadon quickly helped streamline the transportation and security departments, and was eventually brought into the higher command of Lant Mining. Taldar promoted him to one of the two vice-presidents, where Gadon saw for the first time the numerous intricacies involved with running a faction, and assumed a larger responsibility.

Realizing that some emerging issues would make him too busy to run Lant Mining, Taldar Logas began slowly making preparations to transfer leadership of Lant Mining to Gadon. However, before these plans could be fully carried out, the issues became even more demanding and serious, and Taldar was forced to step down as president of Lant Mining to attend to these issues. As the plans were not developed enough to be enacted, Lant Mining was absorbed by the Commerce Guild.

Commerce Guild

Joining the Commerce Guild as its Sales Director, a new world was open to Gadon. While LMC, HCE, and MCS were all fairly small employee-wise and had little demand for their products, the Commerce Guild had a fair number of active employees and a large demand for raw materials from customers.

As Sales Director of such a large mining corporation, not only did Gadon get the opportunity to hone his diplomatic and organizational abilities, but he also had the chance to see how a large, successful corporation was operated. It was within the Commerce Guild that he felt truly at home, where interaction with his fellow employees were high.

Although his job within the Commerce Guild was high-paying and enjoyed by Gadon, it was also tiring. Long nights were spent each day to make sure that customer orders were processed. Customer complaints, scheduling of raw material delivery, close cooperation and discussion with the logistics department - he handled it all. In the end, Gadon had stayed in the Commerce Guild longer than he had in any other group, but he would regretfully take up another job opportunity that presented itself.

Baktoid Armour Workshop

The Beginning

After the Trade Federation acquired ownership of Baktoid Armour Workshop, a whole new command team was sought out for it. Gadon contacted the Trade Federation approved CEO of that time, Arturius Hall, and ended up joining Baktoid Armour Workshop as its Vice-President.

As Vice-President of Baktoid Armour Workshop, Gadon worked closely with Arturius and the Trade Federation to help organize and expand BAW. Working tirelessly recruiting new members, seeking out experienced employees for BAW's high command, and purchasing new equipment and ships for the faction, Gadon dedicated his time into BAW. The rank and organizational scheme of Baktoid Armour Workshop currently used today as well as BAW's member bonus system were his creation, drawing upon his experiences with other companies.


Following Arturius Hall's departure from Baktoid Armour Workshop to pursue other opportunities, the Trade Federation selected Gadon to lead BAW. In the time after assuming command, Gadon has streamlined the logistics department, personally lead the designing of BAW's new cities, and is working hard toward an even brighter future for Baktoid Armour Workshop.


On Day 295 in Year 9, Gadon retired from the Confederacy to start his new faction, Frost Shipyards along with several command members of the Baktoid Armour Workshop.

Frost Shipyards

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