Biography of Kryssa Sallos

Name: Kryssa Sallos
Callsign: Rogue

Rank: Recruit (1)
Duty: -
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Anzat
Gender: Female
Age: 109


1. Rough Start

It is said that Kryssa Sallos was taken from her home planet, Anzat, at a young age and raised by Sith until the rise of the Empire occurred. She was later transported to a secret lab hidden somewhere within Wild Space to be studied on in order to learn how to control the natural abilities of Anzati for their own agenda. Kryssa has said that they first attempted to clone her but failed then moved on to mind control. Fortunately for herself, she fled before any attempts where successful.  Kryssa broke out of their facilities and stolen the HWK-290 the ''Shadow Runner'' and fled.


2. Role Models

 One unique characteristics of Kryssa is her training of various forms of combat. The young Aznati is formidable in marksmanship, melee and even hand to hand. Shortly after escaping from Her Imperial captives, she stayed with a colony of Echani settlers. Among them was a master of their martial art. The master took a liking of stray Anzati and saw something within her character. He took her in and trained her to become a master in their form of fighting. After his passing due to natural old age, she left the settlement and founded a swoop gang that would introduce her to her first love.


3. First Love

Kryssa has been seen riding a rare Nebulous-S racing swoop ''Sidewinder''. A few contacts have mentioned that she fell in love with swoop bikes and racing while living among a long forgotten swoop gang.  After several years within the gang, Kryssa gained an impressive repetition for her swoop piloting as well as her mechanic skills. Later on, this would translate over into a love for ship engineering as well. Kryssa has also mentioned on a rare occasion that she fell in love with the Anzati man who led the gang. The two Anzati where together for several years before he was killed during the raid that ended up destroying their organization. He sacrificed himself to overwhelming numbers so that the other members could flee. Kryssa was dragged away against her will as the leader's best friend/second in command was ordered to get her to safety. The members shortly disbanded into different corners of the galaxy. It was a few years later when Kryssa came across a metal chest that contained some personal belongings of the former leader/partner. Kryssa found at the bottom of it an all black Bryar pistol that was inscribed personally to her with a private message upon its forward grip.

4. Family Ties

Kryssa's work took her to various bars across the galaxy. The young Aznati eventually heard rumors from drunken patrons regarding an Anzati doctor. These clues eventually led her to make the acquaintance of doctor Kira Morbus. Shortly after the two had been introduced, Kryssa fell ill due to lack of feeding during long hyperspace travels. Kira treated her and out of curiosity, took a blood sample from Kryssa. The sample matched with Kira's own thus identifying Kryssa as Kira's daughter. After several months, Kryssa would eventually meet Ezo due to Kira. The two quickly discovered many similar interests and ideals. The two Anzati eventually grew close.

5.  Its A Pirate Life For Me!

Kryssa eventually would join Wayfarers Sodality and work closely with Ezo running transports and setting up logistic operations under the rank of Captain. The relationship between the two eventually would cause strife between her and her mother as Kryssa became affected by self inflicted guilt and depression. The combination of this and the way her life as a Wayfarer had panned out caused Ms. Sallos to leave the pirate organization.

6. For King And Country!

In fear of causing her mother more sorrow, Kryssa painfully turned her back and headed out once again on her own. After some time wondering, Kryssa came across her friend Revan Jones. He offered her a position within the Hapes Consortium as an enlisted member of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and a spot within his battalion. After many long nights of consideration she eventually took the offer and applied. After putting in through the Robin Hood School she becomes an official citizen of Hapes and The Consortium. Shortly after graduating from the Hapes Royal Armed Forces' training school, Kryssa was assigned the rank of recruit and was sent off alongside Revan Jones to dispatch a bandit presence on the planet Lorell. After arriving, they were given updated order to go jump systems within the Hapes Cluster to grab a pair of shuttles. After arriving back at Lorell, Kryssa was involved in a heated argument between herself and the head Colonel of the HRAF. The argument regarded her use of HRAF equipment and ships. Sallos argued back that she was simply doing her duty and fallowing out the Colonel's orders. Other unrecorded incidences arise causing the Anzati to criticize the head HRAF as corrupted bureaucrats and that she wouldn't have a part of it. With a deep sadness as she saw another possibility of a life among a place to belong to fall short, she resigned. At this time, Kryssa purchased a drug that would help her suppress her need for feeding. The artificial substance helped her keep control of her feeds thus helping her take control of her life without being solely focused on feeding as she had feared. The drug eventually would have side effects that would change her life forever.

7. Somewhere To Belong

                Alone once again freelancing, Kryssa spent many months working as a gun-for-hire and bodyguard for various figures throughout the galaxy. It was after a few jobs that Kryssa met up once again with Revan Jones. The two had their usual good time enjoying each other’s company as they both took a week from their respected jobs and went out on a hunting expedition across Lorell. The two eventually came upon the topic of careers. Jones recommended getting in contact with Neria Derycke in regards to joining Tion Hegemony. Revan promised Sallos that it would be the place Kryssa had been searching for all along.  The young Anati took several weeks thinking it over as she felt hesitant in joining another group and end up feeling as an outcast once again. After speaking with others within the government, she eventually put in to join Tion’s military division. She was assigned within the 1st Fleet division shortly afterwards.

Written by Kryssa Sallos, 12 years ago.
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