Biography of Casten Maziel Waryn

Name: Casten Maziel Waryn
Callsign: Can Can

Rank: Chancellor (15)
Duty: Bacta Addict
Dept.: High Command
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Thyferran
Gender: Male
Age: 35

Casten Maziel Waryn (born as Casten Halcyon) is a family-oriented young Tyferran male, whose loyalty has lied with the Waryn Family ever since he was included into their core. His early years were a struggle as he tried his best to make a life for his own after the disappearance of his father and eventual passing of his mother. It was only after he found his way to the Tion Cluster that he was reunited with a side of the family that he hadn't known of until then. He became a prominent member of Tion's Infrastructure Department until the internal struggles of the faction forced Casten to find a new path.

He worked briefly for The Invid Order's production department aftear a breakdown from his separation from the Hegemony, searching for a quiet small place to grow, but his urge to be part of something bigger (and several invitations from a close friend of his) pulled him towards Black Sun. Casten worked several months in Black Sun's subsidiary: Gesenix Mining, taking advantage of his skills and experience in prospecting and progressively made himself known in the government's channels; nevertheless, the Thyferran's personality was not a perfect match with the rest of the Collective and he was, once again, left with the feeling that he hadn't yet found his place in the Galaxy.

After his resignation from Black Sun, Casten went freelance for a short period of time before a sudden change in leadership back at the Tion Hegemony incited the Thyferran to return once more to his home and family. He joined the Tionese affiliate Athakam MedTech where his cousin Crislyn Anessa Waryn had functioned as Rector Superior before him, eventually climbing to leadership of the corporation and making his way into the Tionese High Council. After nearly four years later, his friend and mentor Stephany Barefoot retired from her position as Lady Hegemon, leaving the seat at the Head of State to her Chancellor Abraari To, who summoned Cas to become his second in command.


Career History


Text with this format (color/italics/bold) denote currently held Positions
Tion Hegemony
Position Dates
Recruit Year 14, Day 221
Aprentice Year 14, Day 246
Labourer Year 14, Day 278
Builder Year 14, Day 307
Project Foreman Year 15, Day 311
Assistant Foreman Year 16, Day 216
Chancellor Year 21, Day 304
The Invid Order
Position Dates
Tradesman Year 16, Day 251
Art Director Year 17, Day 129
Gesenix Mining
Position Dates
Hopeful Year 17, Day 86
Junior Operator Year 17, Day 129
Operator Year 17, Day 187
Athakam MedTech
Position Dates
Instructor Year 18, Day 3
Rector Superior Year 18, Day 36


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