Biography of Robert Gunns

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Robert had always dreamed of space, the wide open frontier.

Most of Roberts early memories are scattered as a result of fighting but he always remembers looking at the stars and wishing he could be among them.  Robert ended up fulfilling this dream by chance he won enough money to travel to the Bodrin system.  Here he took a job with the Southern Rim Free Trade Association as a facility construction engineer and Hauler pilot.  During his time with SRFTA Robert bought and sold many ships as an addiction.  His first ship was a YT-2400 given to him during his first week of work as a bonus.  Since then he has owed several YT-1300's, YT-2000's, Sprints, Zeta class shuttles, Y-wings, a PEC and even a Brayl.  Mostly these were sold off for profit or at cost to faction members.  

Since he had the privilege of first owning a ship he has dreamt of building his own ships and is in the process of financing a shipyard (slowly).

After a growing annoyance with the lack of orders and advancement in SRFTA Robert started seeking out a new faction and stumbled upon Tion.  Since he has joined Tion he has realized that it is everything he has ever wanted and is greatly pleased .  Time can only tell where Robert will go.

Written by Robert Gunns, 11 years ago.
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