Information Sheet


Fact Sheet

Official Name: Tion Hegemony
Government Type: Autocratic Hegemony
Affiliate: Galactic Concordiate
Flagship: THS Olympian
Population: 493 billion sentients
Capital of the Cluster
Region: Tion Cluster
Capital Sector: Allied Tion
Capital System: Voss
Capital Planet: Voss Prime
Capital City: Meeshae
Head of State: Lord Hegemon
Executive Arm: Office of the Hegemon
Legislative Arm: Tionese High Council
Judicial Arm: Tionese High Council
Constitution: Codex of the Hegemony
Day of Unity - Day 300
Belderone Day - Day 123
Fexian`ydd - Day 267
Currency: Galactic Credit
Religious Body: Voss Mystics
Nationalized Factions
Athakam MedTech
Nikklon Mining Incorporated
Tion Mil/Sci Industries
Tion Defense Division
Crest of Tion
Prosperity Through Unity
Flag of Tion


Greater Tion

About Us

Risen from the ashes after being long buried, the Tion Hegemony is reborn once more. Over the millennia, it has been known by many names and done many things, but the Tion Hegemony is intent on never again disappearing from the galaxy. Our purpose is simple:
To restore the Allied Tion and all Tionese areas to their former glory, to be ever advancing technologically, and to give our proud culture a place to flourish.
We have learned from our past mistakes, and are intent on not reproducing them. We no longer strive for galactic dominance, and we are no longer intolerant of those not of Tionese descent. We remain powerful and proud, but we will not let these traits bring about another dark age for our people. We have experienced all that there is to experience. We have endured all that there is to endure. We have seen all there is to be seen. We have experienced the ecstasy that comes with holding the galaxy by the throat, and the misery that being brought down to nothing brings.
We honor our past and look forward to making the future a prosperous one.
The new era has begun, and with it we bring our new ideals. We no longer seek dominance or war with our neighbors, so long as they do not seek war with us. We accept all beings into our homes, so long as they respect our laws and customs. We are a people of peace, respect, integrity, and, above all else, loyalty. We welcome all who wish for a peaceful and prosperous existence, with family and honor in mind.
We are strong. We are wise. We are Tionese.


Written by Crislyn Anessa Waryn, 11 years ago.
Last updated on Year 21, Day 216, 08:13:02.
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