Biography of Lon Wengervoid

Name: Lon Wengervoid
Callsign: Lon

Rank: Senior Tradesman (5)
Duty: Operations
Dept.: Operations
Faction: Tion Mil/Sci Industries

Race: Duros
Gender: Male
Age: 38

It was cold, solid and humid.

Bleeps, pings and all sort of computer sounds heard, albeit being faint.

Awaken finally, first thought was, after how long?

Then revelation, somethings funny about sight.

Eyes opened, screamed but made no sound.

I realized something was wrong, too, damn, wrong.

It was then I heard a low but clear beep, the next thing happened startled me. I thought it was a holo projected in front of me, but when I averted my gaze, the projection followed. I believed it was because there's some device on my head made that, an oculus unit or aomething. But when I tried to blink my left eye, it was then I know that it was indeed a device. And it wasn't on my head. It was a replaceme for my left eye.

The holo projection now came into focus as I accepted the fact, albeit slowly, the projection contained strings of commands and data processes. I thought if I could sync the oculus it would be great. And the projection changed into a UI containing synchronization options and procedures. 

I choose to make a general check out of my conditions.




The sync process completed, starled me completely.

I ran several test for eye of mine, now it was more controllable, just need to get used to this new state.

I opened up the general check results, which continued to startle me up. Two third of my whole body was replaced by cybernetics, much of it was my left part of the body, including my left hand and leg. I looked into the details once more, no, it wasn't all completely replaced by cybernetics, just...patched up...

Someone or some people managed to save the remains of the patched up parts, the original muscles still there, part of them. I concluded my movement would not be hindered too much, just need time to patch up the nerves with this new systems.

Vocal chords got deformed, so too my respiration intake system, so it was replaced, now I know the thing that blocked my mouth, I could speak, just need to sync first.

I opened up the sync UI yet again and run the total synchronization.

Now I just need to wait, yet again




Sorts of periodic ping awaken me.

Now I noticed something else, I got extra processing unit beside my brain, which strangely intact although it was shaken badly.

The synchronization was completed, but I couldn't move yet, like I guessed before, I was constrained and the final stage of sync must be authorized from...the outside. I brought up another UI, this time it was the system communication UI, AI systems to be precise.

Like a droid I tried to communicate with the AI, asked about where was I, who was in charge and all.

Looked like the AI pinged the people behind this, or should I say, the one behind this.

A human male, strangely, entered the chamber, it was a med bay of some sort, except I believed this was so much like an engineering bay. He talked, but no voice could be heard, the human male seemed to notice about this and pushed buttons on his datapad.

A string of text popped up into my occulus, it said So, you're awaken finally, how are you there?

When I was going to reply, I asked my audio functions to be enabled, the human male looked into his datapad and pushed some buttons.

"I've enabled them as you requested, can you hear me?" The audio function was enabled indeed, although the sound that came in sounded like an audio produced by some low-grade comm unit.

"Barely, was, sounded like bad comm unit, I'm calibrating it right now." Now my vocal function...functioned, sounded like a stormtrooper or Mandalorian, but none of that mattered now.

The human male was silent for some seconds, seemingly surprised by my advancement I believe.

"Can you authorize the sync progress? I want to know if I can move at all. the diagnosis results told me that you managed to save my muscles, which means not too much cybernetics applied to me to hinder my movement." I just couldn't hold the urge to take control of my whole body once more. I've been out for too long.

Again the human male gone silent, but he used his datapad some more and the next thing I knew, there was a jolt, startling kind of jolt and with it a feeling, happy sort of feeling. I could move again, I have control.

"One thing though, you are...attached into this...device of some sort. Ah, encased will be fitting word." the Human male said, now that the calibration finished I could hear his voice like once before. The only thing was, I couldn't figure out how long was it.

I tried to move my whole body, my hands, my legs, every muscles and synthetics available. I couldn't.

He was right, I was encased and only my head that was visible. I knew it because I tried to look down but to no avail, and my occulus reading revealed the 3D layout of the room. There was this...complex machinery and I was inside, in the center of it and I could see my head inside a small tube.

"How long I was out?" I asked the human male, he was staring at me, I didn't like it.

"The truth?" He started, seemed uncomfortable with the question I asked. "You have been out for as long as years, almost five years to be precise."

Now he surprised me, it was that long? that explained why my memory was one hell of a chaotic ocean. A lot of void exsisted. I couldn't even remember my name.

"To be honest, it was a miracle that you could survive in the first place, the...accident was severe, we gambled, I, gambled."

"To save me." I believe it was a sharp tone, I could see the human male startled.

"Yes, to save you." He inhaled, then sat right in front of me, his face shows a hard expression. Pretty hard one that is.

"We...collected you, your remains, it was a mess, we collected them all, putting them into cyro and tried to patch you back up." He now gazed into my eyes, my remaining eye and my occulus.

"Horrific process, it was like creating a creature, sorry my harsh word, but that's just what it is." I was looking into the logs I asked from the AI whilst listening to him. It was indeed a...series of horrific processes.

"We were planning to replace your parts with cybernetics, but when I saw the result, it was too much to replace, you'll end up being an equivalent of a droid. I argued with the others, deciding that I'll do this myself if I had to. And indeed it came true, I worked alone, the others left me, claiming me mad to believe I could save you while sparing you a lot of your original parts.

I patched your muscles, putting synthetic muscles in certain, needed places, creating a whole new nerves system just in case your original nerves system failed. In the progress I accidentally added additional finger on your hands, making it five digits now, and lengthen both your hands and legs. Now you're a meter eighty tall.

It was a long process, the synths, I made from your own tissue sample so it will associate your own body perfectly, which means I had to grow some muscles and organs. That's was time consuming. And then I came into your torso, so much damage for the internal parts but miraculously your torso was mainly intact, but your internal system need a lot of repair. Your respiratory system for the most.

As for the brain part, your brain was almost died, luckily I managed to save them and added additional processing unit. But that forces me to remove your original cranial skull, the result was you have a brand new cranial part, it was a plate of shielding unit from bits of the ship we collected too, a hard and powerful one. It was too plain so I made some engraving myself. Your vocal function was deformed, in fact your original audio function is both deformed after I attempted to save it, so instead I create new one, came from audio system of a Mandalorian Helmet that is. One hell of a system, good system.

Your left eye, it was burned so bad I could do nothing to save it, so instead I put an occulus unit, military grade I got from some black market, attached half-and-half directly to your brain and the processing unit, which added the fact that you now have two processing unit now, your brain and a powerful military AI that you could expand as you like for the systems and all. I also placed a system which enabled you to be attached directly into the ships you'll be controlling in the future, much like an astromech systematic, you could calibrate the system yourself, just inquire it from the AI.

Much of your skin is gone now, I replaced that with a suit synthed from your skin sample I got when I attach your facial functions back, it was colored black and have some attachment points that means you can customize your future armor and make it integral into your body, faster diagnose, faster response and will fit like a new skin. You could also decide if you want to feel the stimuli that came into your armor in the future.

Well, that's the explanation and story there, it seems you're ready and eager to go out of the machine."

The human male gone toward the console just under the tube that held my head inside, a long, low beep sounded and there was mechanical movement all around me. The machine was opening up, finally releasing me after all this time.

"Now that you're, I've arranged a transport and a half-durasteel trench coat for you, you may go now." The human male finally said, there was a sigh, low, almost silent sigh came from him.

"Thank you." I could say many things, but I chose to said that just. 

"No, thank you, I'm honored to save you, you opened my eyes." He was smiling, something wasn't right in that smile.

"I hope we crosses path in the future, doctor..."

"I'm no doctor, but you could nickname me that, as for my name... I am Sol Wenger."

I stared at him, smiled but then realized that no one could see me smiling or so now.

"Wenger, thank you, I owe you my life." Just when I said that, I heard a blast, the chamber gone shaking, alarm blared.

"Go, now, your transport is on the docking bay!" He said, running out from the chamber.

I put my hand into the console near the door, asked the AI how I could integrate with the system and a cable popped out from my hands. I put the cable into the console and requested the place's whole layout.

It was a Medicae, one hell of a big floating med bay.

Another blast, I started to run for the docking bay and got on to the transport Wenger said.

The sprint blast off from the docking bay, it was controlled by an astromech, programmed for an emergency.

And just before my eyes, the Medicae exploded, died, and with it, so too Sol Wenger.

"I was just hoping that we will cross our path in the future, but no more." I murmured, knowing your savior died after tending you and made you ready to move on with life was hard. And that I am alone now.

Ah, yes, I am nameless now.

Lonely man, saved by a human named Sol Wenger. With voids inside his head, void memories.

Lon Wengervoid, that suits a name, yes.

The R2 astromech unit bleeped, it gone off, once more it was death near me.

I took over the controls, integrating myself with the ship. One thing I knew right after integrating was the ship bears Tionese ident.

I know where I'm going now, let's send a message then.

[Memory Log Initiation, First Entries, Date : Year 14 Day 240 | Couldn't Retrieve Past Logs, Only Operation Logs Existed.]

Written by Lon Wengervoid, 11 years ago.
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