Biography of Michael Beauger

Name: Michael Beauger
Callsign: Trigger

Rank: Grand Overseer (12)
Duty: Planetary Development
Dept.: Operations
Faction: Tion Mil/Sci Industries

Race: Mon Calamari
Gender: Male
Age: -

Michael Beauger was born to an average middle-class family on Mon Calamari. Although he loved his family and his people, he refused to accept the traditional lifestyle of the Mon Calamari: he would not live, work, and die. He would make more of it.

Setting off on his own when he came of age. Fairly early on, Michael discovered that his race was not respected by many others. especially humans. Seeking a home, Michael gravitated towards the Falleen Federation but left immediately after arrival, finding that it was simply not his match. 

Good fortune struck when Michael re-established contact with an old family friend, a Sullustan named Amon Nublar (then a Senior Executive at Tion Mil/Sci Industries). Amon gave Michael work and showed him how to live in the galaxy at large. After freelancing briefly for Amon, Michael joined TMSI. Michael found Tion to be the place he wanted to call home. Racism and elitism do not plague him there and he peacefully climbed the rank ladder to third in command of his faction.

Michael is happy to call many of his Tionese peers his friends. He was even nicknamed "Trigger" by some fellows after showing savvy tactics in the military reserves' annual battle simulations.

Written by Michael Beauger, 11 years ago.
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