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Although being a shipyard without any unique data cards except for the generic 'escape pod', Tion Mil/Sci Industries (TMSI) strives to set itself apart from the other shipyard factions prevalent in the galaxy. Founded on the principle of consumer sovereignty, TMSI places the wishes of the customer forefront above all other considerations. This is best exemplified by the formal motto of TMSI: "Noblesse Oblige" - to serve - or better yet by our informal motto of "to freeze all concerns".

TMSI carries out its mission by keeping detailed records that the customer can access which will outline the status of their order - whether it is awaiting materials, in delivery, in production, or so on. Boasting an experienced management team and uncountable enthusiastic members, TMSI is best characterized by the following phrases: superbly organized, unbelievably efficient, and unquestionably active. With us, customers can truly relax as we "freeze any worries" they may have.



Written by Gunnar Starfall, 11 years ago.
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