Biography of Crislyn Anessa Waryn

Name: Crislyn Anessa Waryn
Callsign: -

Rank: Honored Citizen (0)
Duty: Mistress of Enlightenment
Dept.: Citizenry
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Mirialan
Gender: Female
Age: 33

Crislyn Anessa Waryn born Crislyn Anessa Desric Waryn to her single Corellian mother Leila Jaed Desric Waryn on Day 20 of Year -9 on the planet of Argai in the Cronese Mandate, one of the sectors in the Tion Cluster. Crislyn was raised along with her sister Keeya on her homeplanet. The two girls have been inseparable since Crislyn was born, and although their careers had them spread across the galaxy, both eventually returned home to the Cluster. 

Waryn Family Datafile:

Returning to her homeworld in late year 11, Crislyn began her medical career at Athakam MedTech. She quickly ascended the ranks before being named Vice-Rector and second-in-command of the company. The following year, Crislyn was promoted to Rector-Superior and Chief of Staff of Athakam MedTech, a position she filled for more than five years. During her time at Athakam, Crislyn dramatically developed the worlds of Argai, streamlined production practicies, and reimagined alazhi farming and bacta refining processes, ushering in an era of prosperity for Athakam and the Argaian worlds. In her stead as Rector-Superior, she not only sat as a High Councillor in Tion, she acted as a voting member of the Board of Trade, the governing body of the Trade Federation Department of Trade, before the DoT re-organization and merger of the Trade Federation and Avance Coalition.

In late year 17, Crislyn accepted an offer she couldn't refuse from her longtime friend Stephanie Barefoot, to act as Fleet Admiral, Lady Commander of the Second Fleet, continuing to serve as senior member of the Tion Hegemony High Council. Following Lady Barefoot's ascension to the position of Lady Hegemon, Crislyn was asked to serve in an additional position as Cultural and Social Minister for the Tion Hegemony. Together, the ladies worked to form and establish the first Ministry of Enlightenment, aimed at maintaining the Libraries of Corlax 4 and the recovery and restoration of the millions of records damaged during the downfall of the Empire of Xim and subsequent regimes that have flickered and failed since. In this new role, Crislyn has championed the ideals that embody the unification of the Greater Tion Cluster formed by the establishment of the Tion Hegemony from the first Cluster-wide company, Nikklon Mining Incorporated and leaders Jeff and Typhon Corbin in year 9.

Among her most influential work as head of this new department, Crislyn has overeen the architectural restoration of the High Fane of Xo on the watery world of Tion Proper, the expansion of the Tionese capital city of Meeshae on Voss Prime, and the enhanced promotion of the Five Universities of Tion. In addition, with funding from the Tionese government, the Cluster's largest brewery, located at Barancar, has been able to increase their production tenfold,  shipping cases of the finiest spirits throughout the Cluster.

Middle Name

Crislyn was always particular about how her name appeared as a young child. This certain quirk has followed her even into adulthood, though many call her Crislyn or Cris, she always makes it known that she is Crislyn Anessa Waryn, not just Crislyn Waryn. Unknown to others as to why she makes this distinction but according to records of her life and to her sister, Crislyn has always wanted everyone to know her full name.


Selected Career History

Most current career at top. Positions still held denoted with an *

  • Tion Hegemony - Y11 D334 - Present
    • Ministry of Enlightenment
      • Minister - Y17 D340 - current*
    • ?Tion Engineering & Construction
      • ?Director - Y18 D318 - curren*
    • Tionese Fleets
      • Fleet Admiral, Lady Commander of the Second Fleet - Y17 D249 - Y18 D318
    • Athakam MedTech
      • Commander Adjutant/Vice-Rector - Y11 D346
      • Rector Superior, Chief of Staff - Y12 D180 - Y13 D255; Y13D334 - Y17 D248
  • Keer Nation
    • Keer Technology
      • Chief of Production - Y11 D88
      • Administrative Director(2IC) - Y11 D96
  • Avance Coalition
    • Avance Major House, House Asclepius - Y11 D21*
      • Member of the Dar'Or System Governance of Caduceus Province
    • Enlisted in the Avance Security Forces (ASF) - Y11 D21
      • Flight Corporal in the ASF Guardians-Alpha Group

Honors & Recognition

  • Avance Citizenship - Status: Abrograted with TF-Avance merger.
    • bestowed in Y11
  • Falleen Federation Citizenship - Status: Current
    • bestowed Y14 D260
  • Tionese Citizenship - Status: Current
    • at birth; recognized Y11 D330
  • Trade Federation citizenship, level 2 - Status: Current
    • bestowed on Y14 D121


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