Corlax 4

Corlax 4, is a hot desert world in the Corlax system. The most central of all systems in Allied Tion, Corlax developed into a major system for many of the past governments of the Cluster.

The breathable type I atmosphere of Corlax 4 allows for the human Tionese to comfortably reside on the surface without the need of atmospheric alteration systems.

Although the site of many battles during the times of Xim and the successor regimes of Deservo and Jaminere, the surface of Corlax 4 shows little in testament. While the reason for the battles on Corlax 4 are unknown, many experts say the site of the Libraries of Corlax 4 is one cause.

The Cluster was first settled in 27,000 BBY, but the actual date of colonization of Corlax 4 and her sister worlds is unknown. Library records testify Corlax 4 was settled in 25,150 BBY when Xer VII of Argai invaded the Three Allied Kingdoms of Jaminere, Cadinth, and Barseg, of which Corlax 4 was a colony. After conquering Jaminere, Xer's warlords continued rimward through Corlax 4.

Taking the rather undefended world easily, the warlords established command centers across the world. Corlax 4 and the surrounding system was used as a staging point for Xer's campaign against the Livien League at Amarin. Although Xer's fleet was defeated at Amarin, the Xer Empire continued to control Corlax 4. Upon Xer's death and the ascension of his son, Xim, Corlax 4 continued under the reign of the successor state of Xim's Empire.

As Xim continued the conquests of his father, Corlax 4 mattered little to the war, even though the Libraries of Corlax 4 contiued to record the history of the Tionese and the many states thereafter.

Today, the world is governed by the reunified Tion Hegemony and the libraries tended by Tionese citizens on Corlax 4 and overseen by the Hegemony's Department of Technology.

Ancient Era

"An unremarkable industrial world, Corlax spent millennia changing hands between Desevro and Jaminere."
- Archive Entry -- Libraries of Corlax 4, Ancient Tionese Studies

Fringe Era

Reunification Era




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