Biography of Salshib Arku

Name: Salshib Arku
Callsign: Shadow

Rank: ()
Duty: -

Race: Falleen
Gender: Male
Age: -

Early Childhood

Salshib was born in the early weeks of Year -16 as the son to an exiled pair who had to hide in the jungles of Falleen as they were a mostly forbidden family as a mix of Falleen and Corellian. Despite the fact that they were separated from the civilization they couldn’t avoid meeting with it sometimes. On one of these travels towards the civilization the small family was ambushed by a bandit group who killed his parents and took him with them. Too young to realize it Sal was raised as one of the bandit’s children. To avoid that he finds out about this fact he was sent to do the worst jobs available in the group, keeping him distracted from other thoughts. However, one day he heard the group leaders talk about it. Being completely tired from the work he had to do this day he wasn’t really able to realize it. It was just a few sentences he heard, nothing more. Waking up in the late night he finally got what they meant and he planned his revenge and the escape from the group. In the days after it he maintained a well-planned facade while plotting everything he needed to escape. He gathered supplies and even managed to steal a weapon from the weapons locker. In the night when he tried to escape the group’s leader saw him and tried to stop him. Sal had no other choice than to shoot, killing him. He wandered through the jungle for several weeks, avoiding the bandits as good as he was able to. Finally he reached the borders of the Mindano clan where he asked for political asylum until he was old enough to move on without any more danger.

Clan Mindano

The clan Mindano accepted his request and took him under their protection. They put him in a position where the bandits wouldn’t really expect him, in the military where he served as one of the commander’s aides. There he learned much about the organizational things one had to do when he sits in a command position besides some basic combat matters.

All the time the clan’s member accepted him as one of their brothers even after they forgot why he even came to them. Sal even took on some of the clan’s attributes like the urge to travel around and explore new places even if were just on the planet together with the commander and her guard. With the time it felt like the clan was his home and the place he would always belong to and where he could come back any time.

Special Security Forces

Coming to the age of an adult he left the clan and began to travel the galaxy following his urge to see new places. During his travels he met Forlan Kren on one of the minor planets in the near of Falleen. Forlan, the Chief of Operations for the Special Security Forces, offered him a job where he would see many different places around the galaxy. They were called when hostile situations in the cities were going critical. Sal worked as an operative there and was trained in tactics to cease critical situations as fast as possible. While off-duty he met Srota Ron, a Chiss who became a good friend to Sal.

Earlier history

With the closing of SSF Sal remained with the question where to go now. He had enough of all this fighting with some criminal scum who had nothing else to do then to cause trouble. Still his command and organizational skills were his only pros except for the fighting. Coming back to his home planet Falleen and the Clan Mindano he made his decision to join the Falleen Naval Contracts to put his skills into a proper way.

Written by Salshib Arku, 11 years ago.
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