Biography of Naomi Felian

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Rank: - ()
Duty: -
Dept.: -
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Race: -
Age: -
Race: Falleen-Hapan mix Mother: Sarain Felian
Born: Y-8 D207 Father: Unknown
Height: 5'6" Siblings: None
Marital status: single Children: None


Birth and early childhood

Unlike many people would expect it, Naomi wasn’t born on Falleen but in the Tion Cluster in a little settlement on the planet Abraxin. She never knew her father from who she got her Falleen genes even if they were just obvious by her green skin and the gentle smell she has always around her.

Her Childhood seemed like an easy one even with her green skin which made her slightly stand out in the children around her who nearly all were humans like her mother but nevertheless she was accepted by themand treated as one of them. Still she grew up to be like an expert in planning different projects in her school classes and many mistook her urge to learn more and help the others with being snooty and arrogant.

Growing up

Coming to age Naomi was trying to get involved into voluntary work within her community and the upcoming Cron Conflict gave her the ideal position for that. Even without being employed by the government she helped the organisators of one of the many refugee camps to help the refugees even better, regardless if it was with food, enough bunks or tents. She worked out plans where the refugees shared their bunk when they made shifts on sleeping in it with having the same amount of rest like they would have normally.

Becoming an adult and beyond

After the Cron Conflict ended the organisators mentioned Naomis work to their superiors who on the other side reported it further. 3 Years after the Conflict the word finally got to one of the Tionese recruiting officers named Neria Derycke who approached Naomi soon after it and offered her to join the Government in a planning position at the construction department.

Written by Naomi Felian, 10 years ago.
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