Biography of Edlothia Rhasslariel

Name: Edlothia Rhasslariel
Callsign: -

Rank: Intern (1)
Duty: -
Dept.: Medicine & Science
Faction: Athakam MedTech

Race: Diathim
Gender: Female
Age: 25

It has been uncertain and mystery until now who was Edlothia Rhasslariel's biological parents. She was left at Millius Prime Orphanage Centre at the age of 5, living roughly with the other unfortunate children. She also made acquiantance with the same age as hers, though the name was yet to be remembered. Then, again she encountered her acquiantance at the age of 11 at Millius Cantina, performing street music. On that year, that her nickname as it is known today - Lot discovered due to the fault pronounciation of the name 'Edlothia'.

After a year at the Orphanage Centre, Edlothia was taken and adopted by a single woman named Rhasslar Eruniel, a daughter of Erun. Though at the beginning she did not really have a proper actual name, later she was named after a beautiful fragrant morning flower called Edlothia, a Calla lilly flower-alike. Her surname is just a simple derivation from who she has been taken care of - Rhasslar.
Her loving stepmother soon found out that she has a long cut trauma on her back leaving significantly scar on her middle back. After several visits to the Medics, Edlothia had been suffering back-bone fracture, due to the possibility of her being thrown to something hard like a rock.

She had been continuing to live with Rhasslar in a simple residence for approximately 10 years-ish, giving and leaving Edlothia's experience into Medical.
During her life journey with Rhasslar, she had learnt mostly Traditional Medical by identifying rare herbs and combining the rare herbs with another producing traditional powerful medicine to treat the wound and infection. Her intelligent and curiousity has led her into greater ambition to becoming the professional Medics and to establish a charity Hospital to giving aid to the poor and needy. Her stepmother, too, has been supporting her in many ways, including introducing and teaching the way of the Medic and Pharmacist. 

Edlothia had not yet realised that she was not human like mostly others. Her awareness and curiosity of what kind of form she is, led her into being hospitalised for several occasion. She found out herself that she is unable to withstand with even a droplet of water. This had been confirmed when the weather at Millius Prime was uniquely and strangely haze and rainy. Unability to withstand, she had collapsed when it rained, sent to the hospital and the Medical Examiner informed her that she is a Diathim, one of many races that should be able to withstand the vacuum, however, not the water-form alike. Also, the Examiner found out that Edlothia was not being the same with the rest of Diathim at Millius Prime. The fact that she has 1.70 metres height, not developed any six-bladed wings form, not yet proved typical Diathim's communication method - telepathy kinetic, and rather got low vision at night. Then, the Examiner concluded that she carries a combination of a Diathim and Hapan blood into heir vein and heart. Although, at first, she could not accept these kind of facts, but soon, she has been attempting hard to adapt and survive in this harsh galaxy world. 

By the age of 15, Rhasslar suggested and recommended that she should take further steps acquiring further exceptional Medical skills from Millius' neighbouring affiliates across the system, Athakam MedTech. Besides, there was nothing more she could learn from her stepmother. Edlothia, at her age, is rather highly exceptional that she could identify, recognise and even master the traditional herbs using for the Medical purposes. Her stepmother is rather proud and satisfied of these. 

At Year 15 Day 4, Edlothia packed everything that would be useful during her journey to the galaxy and Athakam MedTech. Though, she has rather shy and introvert personality, she feels comfortable for another new home - Tion Hegemony. So far, she has made acquiantances with Wira Indochristo, Andree Cyberdree and Kaja Teno. Looking at the her basic potential at Medical and having been recommended by the renown Traditionalist Medical Practitioner, the Erun family, she has been approved to be further qualified as Intern at Athakam MedTech. She promises that she would do her best ability for her basic potential to shine upon others, committing healing the wounded with integrity and love.

Her journey is about to be a thrilling and challenging, yet exciting beginning... 

Written by Edlothia Rhasslariel, 11 years ago.
Last updated on Year 15, Day 5, 01:46:50.
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