Biography of Percy Ryun

Name: Percy Ryun
Callsign: Shadow Sniper

Rank: ()
Duty: -

Race: Togorian
Gender: Male
Age: 32

When Percy was 18 when Anzatan Commonwealth tried to conscript him into their Navy and when he  refused to go, the Assault Troopers killed his entire Family. In pure rage he killed three entire Assault Trooper Squadrons that were in between him and his YT-1300 with is two custom Vibro blades both were heat and cold vibration cell infused. Percy then taught himself how to shoot a sniper rifle while in a self induced Exile he rarely spoke to people during this time and few to this day can truly call him a friend. While in exile Percy Raided many of Anzat's outposts leaving one person alive. He targeted the smaller outposts and soon was given the name of Shadow Sniper for even with his large size, all the Anzatan's saw was a shadow before many were killed by sniper bolts in rapid succession.

Written by Percy Ryun, 11 years ago.
Last updated on Year 15, Day 60, 15:01:19.
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