Biography of Gathim Ma Des

Name: Gathim Ma Des
Callsign: DocMD

Rank: Guard Recruit (2)
Duty: AT Squad - Field Medic
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Thyferran
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Gathim was born to Daren and Elise Ma Des on Thyferra. Daren was a Business Man that ran a Transportation Company called "Ma Des Transports" and Elise ran a Casino called "The Merry Dragon."
Gathim also has a Little Sister named Lilly.
Gathim grew up on Thyferra, and since his parents were usually home he became close with them. All together he had a Good Childhood. Being the oldest, Gathims parents often told him that he would some day do not one, but both of their jobs. Gathim was raised to accept this, so that's exactly what he did.
One day when Gathim was 18, he was off in a forest on Thyferra, and he found a wounded Verpine. He helped the Verpine with what little Medical Skill he had, then took the Verpine to a Hospital. Afterwards Gathim decided that he wanted to help wounded people, so he went to study to become a Medic. Gathim finished his studies at the age of 22 because he was quite good at Medical Treatment, then he left home to find himself a job where he could use his abilities.
Written by Gathim Ma Des, 11 years ago.
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