Biography of Ziyal Kell

Name: Ziyal Kell
Callsign: -

Rank: Section Leader (11)
Duty: Mine Builder
Dept.: Construction
Faction: Nikklon Mining Incorporated

Race: Togorian
Gender: Male
Age: 28

+ formerly kaminoan
+ togorian virus in y14-342

gender: male
born: -2 year 107 day
eye colour: formerly grey, grey-brown
height: unknown
weight: unknown

family: Kell
familiy status: cut out, because of the genetical virus
partner status: single
known education on Kamino:
+ logistic (Fighter / Freighter Piloting)
+ management
+ computer operations
+ unknown



character: Principled and independet, it wouldn't be a total stretch to call him a loner.
He has his own way of doing things and he does not like when other people meddle with those ways. In terms of culture,
education and life style, he likes what he likes, but about 90 percent of what's out there makes him roll his eyes.
He tends to flourish when he has a task to tackle, espacially if he is working solo.



About Ziyal's time on Kamino is less known out of that he soon likes to collect knowledge and is snoopy about new technologies.
So it was sure that he had to leave Kamino to satisfy his addiction to knowledge.

In year 13 day 308 he met Nathan Barbar, who recruited him for the Tion Hegemony.

Written by Ziyal Kell, 11 years ago.
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