Biography of Faeren Lyr

Name: Faeren Lyr
Callsign: -

Rank: Intern (1)
Duty: Little Jack-of-all-trades
Dept.: Medicine & Science
Faction: Athakam MedTech

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Born and raised on Naboo Faeren had a peaceful life, even if it wasn't exactly what you would call a good one.

At a very young age his mother died of disease, he can't really remember much of it, at the time he was alone taking care of her while his dad was away in some planet working to be able to provide for the family.

His father taught all of his secrets, from repairing a droid to fly small ships to... whatever it was the job needed. When the time came, Faeren was ready to join his father with work, sometimes leaving Naboo for long periods of time.

Faeren wasn't against working, it gave him something to focus in, but still something was bothering him... He felt like he could be of better help at someplace else, so after a sad farewell, he left the company of the only family he had and took of to see if he could find a way to ease whatever it was that was bothering him.

Written by Faeren Lyr, 11 years ago.
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