Biography of Ryurik Van D`Arc

Name: Ryurik Van D`Arc
Callsign: LOKI

Rank: Guard Recruit (2)
Duty: -
Dept.: Military / 3rd Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 41


Ryurik, an orphan, was raised as an adopted son on the estate of the wealthy nobleman Baron Ullrik Van D`Arc.. 5th Baron of Carrathool and thought so much of the elderly Gentleman.. Ryurik accepted his name and title as the 6th Baron of Carrathool at the side of his benefactor on his death bed. After the Baron died. Ryurik was 16. Ryurik inherited a small fortune, enough to see him comfortably well set for some time. At 18 he bought his own YT 2000 and set off to travel through the far reaches of the galaxy and seek adventure, adding some purpose to his life.
Ryurik is of strong character.. he exudes confidence with a military bearing, a ready smile and open honesty. He is loyal and dedicated to those he accepts as friends and a fierce foe to those that mistake his gentle demeanor for weakness.
Ryurik graduated from the Lavarak Military College with Honors in Front Line Medicine and excelled in Piloting, Navigation and Computer Operation.
Ryurik has served  since  re-spawning with The Triumvirate Coalition Navy , Achieving the rank of Warrant Officer and presented with the Star of Commendation medal for dedication to duty...with this military and medical experience behind him, He sought a career where he hoped his skills would help promote freedom and stability in the Galaxy.

Written by Ryurik Van D`Arc, 11 years ago.
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