Allied Tion

Allied Tion, or the Allied Tion sector, is the central-most and capital sector of the Tion Hegemony her affiliates. Home to some of the most populace systems and planets within the expanded Greater Tion, the sector is host to the majority of systems and planets within the Tionese realm

Although not necessary the largest of the three sectors that comprise the Tion Cluster, Allied Tion is arguably the most well-protected region of space within the entirety of Hegemony territory. The first colonization of these planets by humans was conducted ten thousand standard years ago, before the invent of the hyperdrive. Sleeper-ships arrived in Allied Tion from Coruscant and other Core Worlds and quickly spread humanity throughout the sector. Due to a lack of long-range communication equipment or transportation, the humans that settled this region eventually developed into the Tionese culture. Ths culture being made notable, perhaps infamous, by many conflicts between the Galactic Republic and various geo-political groups that have called any matter of Allied Tion home in past eras. 


Era of Xer and Xim

Splinter Unions

First Galactic Civil War

Second Galactic Civil War





Like the hundreds of sectors throughout the galaxy, the planets of the Allied Tion are located along insular trade routes that eventually tie into larger hyperlanes. Running through the sector near Spinax is the Perlemian Trade Route. All three major trade routes within Allied Tion eventually interesect with this great hyperlane. 

Cadinth Run

The Cadinth Run is the most coreward trade route within Allied Tion, running from its start point just beyond Spinax, the Run connects six of the nine systems within Allied Tion. The Cadinth Run is considered the busiest route in most of Tion, as the two of the Hegemony's major systems lie along the route. The Run essentially acts as a conduit for traders and spacers to reach the Perlemian from coreward worlds along the lower Desevran Trace. At Cadinth, the namesake system of the route is the intersection of the Kismaano Bypass, a coreward headed route that connects Gadon and and the worlds of the Cronese Arc to those of Allied Tion. The official endpoint of the Run is Dravione, also the confluence of the Deservan Trace and Indrexu Route. 

Desevran Trace

The Desevran Trace is easily divided into two regions, Caluula and Allied. Starting at the intersections of the Perlemian, near Folende, the Trace runs parallel to the Cadinth Run before looping back to Amarin, thus entering Allied Tion. From Amarin to Dravione, the Trace winds itself through the rimward regions of Allied space effectivly connecting three Allied systems. Officially ending at Dravione, some astrologers and spacers consider the Trace to continue to Argai, where the Indrexu Route then continues onward.

Desargorr Spur

While not usually listed on galactic cartograms or within standard NavComputers, the Desargorr Spur or DesSpur is a Tionese trading secret. Originally mapped before the time of Xim, the Spur connects the Cadinth Run at Embaril to the Desevran Trace at Corlax through Desargorr. Together with the Run, the Spur connects the three main systems of Allied Tion and allows for a consistent stream of trading traffic to be directed toward the rimward systems of Allied Tion.  












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