Cronese Mandate

The Cronese Mandate, is the coreward-most region within the Tion Cluster. Bordered rimward by the Allied Tion and Tion Hegemony sectors, the Mandate is the Cluster's gateway to trade. Host to the two largest corporations in all of Greater Tion, the Mandate is home to the capital systems of both Athakam MedTech and Tion Mil/Sci Industries, as well as the contracted, Tionese-owned and operated, trading hub of the Trade Federation Department of Trade. 

While currently the second most inhabited sector within the Tionese realm, the Cronese Mandate contains the most Hegemony Immigrations, Customs and Borders offices per capita than the rest of the Tionese sectors combined. While only five systems are inhabited today, the sector is the most dense of the three Inner Sectors of Greater Tion, containing nearly 400 stars, twice as many as the Allied Tion and Tion Hegemony sectors combined. 


Kingdom of Cron

Era of Xer and Xim

First Galactic Civil War

Second Galactic Civil War



Trade Routes

Cronese Arc

Arguably the most used trade route within the Cronese Mandate, the Arc is composed of two sections: Greater and Lesser. Both sections combined, the Arc runs from the inception intersection of the Perlemian near the location of ancient Arcan system, the Arc curves coreward around the Cronese worlds and the lower Indrexu Spiral before interesecting the Tion Trade Route rimward of the lost planet Dellalt.

The Greater Cronese Arc is the major portion of the route. Running from the Perlemian to the intersection of the Indrexu Route just coreward of Panna, the Greater Arc effectively connects the worlds of the Lesser Arc and Indrexu Route access to the Perlemian. According to modern cartographs, only three systems lying on or near the Greater Arc are still listed as being active in galactic trade. At Gadon, the Greater Arc is intersected by the Kismaano Bypass, a trade route that connects Cadinth and the Cadinth Run to Gadon and the Cronese Arc. Travellers to the mysterious planet Nuswatta often utilize the Bypass to connect with the busier systems of the Greater Arc.

The Lesser Cronese Arc is located rimward of the Greater Arc and begins at the interesection of the Cronese Arc and the Indrexu Route. Historically, this intersection occured at Derellium. However, in the modern Cluster, this confluence is located at a deepspace hyper beacon located coreward of Panna. No major systems exist along the Lesser Arc, but the route is still maintained in order to allow travellers and traders from Indrexu and the Greater Arc to reach the Tion Trade Route of Caluula. The Lesser Arc is commonly used by non-Tionese spacers, as locals use the alternate, lesser known, and more diffiuclt to navigate trade routes through the Spiral. 

Indrexu Route

In the days of XIm, this route was heavily patrolled in order to ward off any potential attacks that might strike at the homeworld of Xim. While claimed to originate at Dravione, the Indrexu Route inevitably serves as a parallel to the Indrexu Spiral, catering to the worlds of Argai and Panna before intersecting with the Cronese Arc. Cronese historians and cartographers argue that Dravione serves as the influx point for the Route as a way to link the route with the busier planets on the Cadinth Run. Other Tionese cartographers claim that the Desevran Trace actually ends at Argai, thus achieveing the feat of passing through all three sectors of the Tion Cluster. While neither claim has been substatiated or confirmed by the modern Tion Hegemony government, most Tionese refer to the Indrexu Route in the fashion of connecting Argai and Panna to the Cadinth Run. 

Kismaano Bypass

One of the more minor routes serving worlds of the Tion Cluster, the Kismaano Bypass links the worlds of the Cadinth Run at Cadinth to the Greater Cronese Arc through Gadon, effectively acting as a pipeline to deliver travellers from the Run to Nuswatta on the Arc. The Bypass was originally mapped early in the history of the Tionese, but remained rather unused until recent times. With the foundation of Tion Military and Science Industries at Gadon, the Bypass has seen increased usage in order to link the company's headquarters on Gadon 2 to the shipyards at Desargorr.

Indrexu Tunnel

A deeply guarded astrographical route, the Indrexu Tunnel serves to provide a quicker connection between the worlds coreward of the Indrexu Spiral to those located on the Back Spiral and the Tion Trade Route. The Tunnel links Panna and Brigia and is currently most commonly used by Tionese military vessels to ferry supplies from the Third Fleet headquarters at Jaminere to the stationed ships and personnel at Brigia. Originally recorded by Tionese astrographers during the reigns of the second Union of Desevro & Tion and Kingdom of Cron







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