Tion Hegemony (sector)

The Tion Hegemony sector, colloquially known as Caluula, is the rimward-most region of the Tion Cluster. Bordering four of the six sectors that comprise the Greater Tion region, the sector is comprised mostly of the gases and stars of the Indrexu Spiral nebula. Home to the namesake planet Tion and her eponymous system, Caluula is split into two major sub-regions: the Desevran Trace and Back Spiral. 

The least inhabited of sectors comprising the Tionese realm, Caluula contains was once the most wealthy region within Greater Tion due to the presence of the prominent House of Tion. However, as time elapsed, galactic conflicts waned, and geo-political units formed, dissolved, and merged, neither House Tion nor Caluula could maintain adequate trade in comparison with the more prominent worlds of Voss Prime, Panna II, or Desargorr VI and thus fell behind the race to become the modern-Tionese mass-colonies.   



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Sometimes consider a barrier sector, Caluula is of a peculiar shape in comparison to the other sectors of Greater Tion. Wrapping around the rimward edges of both Allied Tion and the Cronese Mandate, Caluula is bisect by the nearly impassable Indrexu Spiral which for centuries impeded spacers attempting to trade with systems rimward of Folende or Dravione. The Spiral effectivly established two distinct regions within the sector. The worlds around the Desevran Trace essentially adopted the name of the trade route, while those rimward of the Spiral developed the term Back Spiral. In moden astrography, the Indrexu Spiral effectively separates half of the systems from one another.

The Back Spiral being composed of Tion and Brigia, while the Desevran Trace containing Folende and Abraxin. Before current navigation practices, spacers would have to travel around the Indrexu Spiral in order to trade with the worlds of the Back Spiral. Today, however, Tionese citizens can now travel through the Spiral via lesser trade routes, most of which were developed by locals of the worlds within the Spiral. These trade routes are a hevily guarded secret among the Tionese and the Hegemony protects them dearly. 

Trade Routes

Desevran Trace

Connecting the Perlemian to the worlds of the Trace region, the Desevran Trace effectivly starts near Folende and continues to the Allied Tion system of Dravione. In the times of the Galactic Republic, the Trace served dozens of worlds including Desevro and Omman. However, as the Republic fell, so did trading within Caluula and so many of the worlds once traded with disappeared from modern cartographs and today, only Folende remains listed as the sole system for the Caluula branch of the Desevran Trace. However, the route still effectively connects Folende and the Perlemian to the Allied systems Amarin, Corlax and Desargorr and to the inner-Indrexu world of Abraxin through the locally known Abrax Corridor. 

Tion Trade Route

Historically one of the busiest trade routes within Greater Tion, the TTR or Tion Route is entirely located rimward of the Indrexu Spiral, allowing traders to access the area colloquially known as the Back Spiral. According to most modern cartographs, only two systems remain in notoriety along the route, Tion and Brigia, essentially at opposite ends of the sector. Once only accessible via the intersection of the Perlemian at Estaria within the Indrexu sector or via the Cronese Arc near Brigia, the popularity of the TTR rapidly declined after the fall of the Galactic Republic. In the current era, the TTR is used by locals of Tion and Brigia to access various other parts of the Tion Cluster through two lesser routes: the Abrax Corridor and Indrexu Tunnel.  

Abrax Corridor

Active during the reign Xer and his son Xim, the Abrax Corridor was mapped by an astrographer named Vaikan Isod early in the Tionese history after the arrival of the first sleeper ships from Coruscant, when the Tionese man discovered the Abraxin system. During Xim, the Corrdior acted as a passage way from the inner worlds of his empire to those of the Far Indrexu. During Xim's conquests, the Corrdior allowed a battle fleet to emerge from the Spiral and ambush the planet Tion unaware, after Xim had secured the worlds of the former Livien League. Today, the Corridor is kept guarded by the Hegemony government and protected by all Tionese in order to continue the security of the inner systems. Starting near the ancient and dead system of Omman on the Desevran Trace, the Corridor winds through the gases and debris of the Spiral, allowing access to Abraxin. From Abraxin, the shifts coreward to escape the Spiral before turning rimward and interesecting with the TTR at Tion.   

Indrexu Tunnel

Scouted during the time of the Cronese Sweeps and the rule of pirate-king Xer, the Indrexu Tunnel ends at Brigia and connects the system with Panna of the Cronese Mandate, through the nearly impassable Indrexu Spiral. Similar to the Abrax Corridor, the Tunnel utilizes ancient coordinates from the time of the Tionese sleeper ships to navigate an uncharacteristically clear section of the Spiral. The exact coordinates required for the multitude of jumps necessary to navigate the Tunnel are secured by the Hegemony and the locals of the Cronese Mandate and Back Spiral. Brigians often utilize this trade route more often than the Tion Trade Route, due to the connection of the Tunnel to the Indrexu Route and the access to both the Cronese Arc and Cadinth Run beyond.  






Indrexu Spiral

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