Tionese realm

The Tionese realm is the collective name for all the territory claimed as sovereign space of the Tion Hegemony. Comprised of both inter-galactically recognized territory and self-proclaimed protectorates, the majority of sectors and systems lie within the Greater Tion region of the Outer Rim. Nevertheless, all seven sectors under protection of the Hegemony share at least one border and all sentients within any protected region are granted citizenship within the Hegemony, and embrace the Tionese culture. 



Greater Tion


The region known as the Tion Cluster, comprises the three coreward-most or "Inner Sectors" of the Greater Tion and contains three of the four sectors that are recognized as being unarguable the protected and controlled space of the Hegemony. Comprised of the Allied Tion, Cronese Mandate, and Tion Hegemony sectors, the Cluster is eponymous with both the Tion Hegemony government and the Tionese culture. Located within these three sectors are the capitals of the Hegemony and her three affiliate corporations as well as the contracted Trade Federation trading hub that is owned-and-operated by the Tionese corporations. 


The "self-proclaimed'' territory of the Hegemony are the three "Outer Sectors" of Greater Tion, Thanium, Keldrath, and Indrexu. These three systems are not recognized under intergalactic laws as being sovereign Tionese space. However, the government of Tion actively scans and patrols the sectors in order to promote safe and prosperous trading routes for the inhabited systems within the inner Cluster. Any malicious action taken within these regions is viewed as being directed toward harming the Tion Hegemony and her citizens. 

Extra-Cluster Territory

Considered the Periphery, the third intergalactically recognized sovereign region of the Tion Hegemony is located coreward of the Cluster and Thanium sector, and is home to the Belderone, Hermos, and Kazarak systems. 

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