Indrexu Spiral

The Indrexu Spiral was a dense region composed of gases, comets, asteroid fields and other planetary debris that was almost astrographically impassable. Stretching from the Indrexu sector to southern reaches of the Cronese Mandate, the Spiral essentially divided the majority of the Greater Tion systems. Originally called Ihala, the astrographical phenomena seperated the Back Spiral worlds of the Tion Hegemony sector from the Desevran Trace, as well as the Keldrath sector from the rest remaining Greater Tion region.

While no major trade routes run through the gases and matter of the Indrexu, smaller, lesser known hyperpaths are kept on record with the Tionese Astrography and Navigation Bureau. Only Tion citizens and officials of Tion are privy to the coordinates of these hyperlanes. The Hegemony has classified many of these routes as "Cluster-security sensitive" and many of the lesser known routes are known only to members of the Tion High Council. However, certain locals, such as those from the Abraxin system are well-versed in local navigation secrets. One such secret is that a trade route exists between the Abraxin and Tion systems. Such a hyperlane would allow for easy transportation from the worlds of the Desevran Trace and those of the Back Spiral. 

Currently, general navigators and those unfamiliar with the trade routes of Greater Tion and the Tion Cluster are forced to travel through Far Indrexu or Lower Caluula, along the Perlemian or Lesser Cronese Arc, respectivley in order to reach the proper coordinates for the Tion Trade Route that runs along the rimward-side of the Spiral, servicing the Back Spiral worlds.



Written by Crislyn Anessa Waryn, 11 years ago.
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