Biography of Cicero Stryker

Name: Cicero Stryker
Callsign: Faceman

Rank: Guard Recruit (2)
Duty: -
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Coruscanti
Gender: Male
Age: 45



|-| Basic Information |-|

Name: Cicero Cilantro Stryker
Race: Born: Coruscanti Derra Virus: Gotal
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 1.828 meters (6 feet, 0 inches)
Religion: Hyperdrive

---Historical Database---

Cicero Cilantro Stryker was born in a ground level medical facility in the dark foundations of Capitial City, Coruscant. Born of immigrants from the planet Antar 4. Cicero grew up in the bowels of the Infastructure, Cicero used his wit and agility to help him survive. At an early age, Cicero worked at some ground level freight supply company, where he was a box stacker. His motivation and drive promoted him to manage the lower level distribution warehouses for the company. Cicero wanted more.

He desired to see the heavens past the Capital City lights that drowned out the stars at night. He took a job on a barge that would transport cargo from orbit to the surface of Coruscant. He worked for years on the barge, finally becoming 2nd Mate. He wanted more.

Cicero made a bold move and purchased a small freighter and started hauling cargo to distant systems of the galaxy. In a cantina in the far outer rim, Cicero during a three day binge befriended a Jawa. The Jawa hired the kid to transport "special items" throughout the galaxy. The intriguing Jawa opened the door of adventure and prestige to Cicero. Cicero learned the language of Jawaese in its rudamentary form.  During this time of dangerous escapades, Cicero coined the catch phrase, "Keep calm, Cicero is here."

In an episode at Derra IV, Cicero and his companions (names withheld by request) contracted the dreaded Derra plague. His transformation was the most grusome sight you could imagine. After weeks of pain and torture, Cicero emerged a dashing, vibrant stud of a Gotal man. What was first seen as a curse, became his gain. He could now effortlessly scale inclines no normal Sentient could imagine.  He could now do more, see more, and be more. 

In a daring investment, Cicero scraped enough credits together to purchase a vacant cantina in the Krmar system. Remodeling the cantina took well over half a decade, and consumed all his income. Cicero opened the most exotic cantina in the Outer Rim, The Rainbow Gem. Cicero used the Gem as his headquarters for all his business ventures. The Gem opened even more doors to Cicero. Numerous swoop gangs, smugglers, government agents, bounty hunters, Jedi and Sith frequented the Gem for information, business, and a drink of the best liquour collection in the galaxy. Rumors had it that Sith and Jedi fellowshipped at the same table in the Gem; chatting as though they were companions for a life time. 

This euphoria did not last long, in a coup d'etat, the Trandoshan security of the cantina seized all assets and sent Cicero and his frieghter into hyperspace toward the far edges of the galaxy while bound and gagged. Eventually, Cicero's R5 unit came out of hiding and untied his master.

Cicero picked back up his old career as a transporter to earn his wages. Yet, when he was idle he caught himself staring out the portal windows to the heavens, thinking back to the time when he saw the lights of Capital City drown out the night stars. Then he began to desire more...

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