Biography of Xero Tition

Name: Xero Tition
Callsign: DeMonster

Rank: Recruit (1)
Duty: -
Dept.: Military / 1st Fleet
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Abyssin
Gender: Male
Age: 97

Name: Xero Tition (goes by Tition)
Home world: Byss
Age: 87
Height: 2 meters 6.5 Feet
Color: Green
Race: Abyssen
Appearance: Large in a brutish way. Many scars cover his body from small to large.
Personality: Tition is a warrior an has a warrior's mentality. He upholds honer, loyalty, an respect. He dislikes Slavers an the act of owning slaves. Tition is a good follower an a leader, knowing one must be able to follow to truly lead.
Habits; Practicing combat, working out, an learning new was to improve his worth as a warrior  
Background: Raised up in a tribe where many of a time was at war with another tribe. Battling and warfare came fast to Tition as he grew. Slavers came to his tribe and tried to enslave Titon, however Tition was not captured. Instead he fought of the slavers and escaped. After leaving his tribe and what he knew behind him he search for a better place. With the spirit of a warrior within in him still Tition long to do battle again or at least be part of some warrior clan. In searching for a place to be. Tition discovered many this he was not aware of in his tribe. Upon learning of the Tion Hegemony and how they treat there citizens an there military force. Tition had decided to seek them out an join them.

Written by Xero Tition, 11 years ago.
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