Biography of William Radcliff

Name: William Radcliff
Callsign: Dauntless

Rank: Consul (15)
Duty: Senior Advisor
Dept.: High Command
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Hapan
Gender: Male
Age: 28



"William Radcliff was born in the Hapan System to a Human Hapan and a Mirialan mother, belonging to the house of Radcliff. Hapan Year 4017.

A small Noble Hapan family, with a long line of history serving the Royal Hapan Navy, crediting many Hapan medals of Honor and Acheivement.

Radcliff grew up training at an early age at the Hapan Academy to become a Naval Officer.
At age 16 his family ran into a feud with another more powerful Noble Hapan family. Which caused his father to retire from the Navy and settle down to a queiter life on is estate. Losing many of his friends in the Navy, he left the Hapan Consortium to find a new path.

He applied to a few different Military's and picked Tion Hegemony.
He now serves Tion Hegemony first and formost.

Service Record

Tion Military Department

Joined: Year 15, Day 248

Career Progression:

#-. Assigned to the Military / 3rd Fleet: Year 15, Day 250
#1. Recruit: Year 15, Day 250
#2. Guard Recruit: Year 15, Day 313
#3. Guardsmen: Year 16, Day 16

#+. Recruitment Liaison: Year 16 Day 128
#4. Veteran Guardsman: Year 16 Day 135
#-. Reassigned to the Military / 1st Fleet: Year 16, Day 179

#5. Praetorian: Year 16, Day 190

#6. Elite Praetorian: Year 17, Day 93

#7. Star Captain Adjutant: Year 17, Day 125

#12. Commodore: Year 17, Day 155

#15. Fleet Admiral: Year 17, Day 188

#HC. Hyperion: Year 17, 336

#HC. Consul: Year 18, 323



[BCT] Year 15, Day 298

[Serroco Mission] Year 17, Day 107

Written by William Radcliff, 10 years ago.
Last updated on Year 20, Day 198, 21:17:10.
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