Hermos system

The Hermos system is the second extra-Tion Cluster system to be considered and recognized as sovereign territory of the Tion Hegemony and her affiliates. The system is the political and economic capital of the Spadja sector and is comprised of the single planet Hermos Prime. The Hermos system was located not long after the discovery of both the Belderone system and the Whipid world of Toola by Tionese scouts. Currently, the Tionese government is engaging in an expansion campaign targeted at the protection of the sectors boarding the Greater Tion Cluster.

The system was registered with the Galactic Cartographers Association on Day 281 of Year 15, after a Tionese scout made planetfall on Hermos Prime. The planetary locals were receptive to a Tionese delegation, lead by High Councillor Stephanie Barefooot. Within a standard week, the citizens of the system were designated and granted status as official Tionese and their system, planet, and sector gained galactic-wide recognition as being under the protection of the Tion Hegemony, stated under the Talarian Agreement.

The sixth annual Day of Unity gala was hosted in the capital city Aegaeus of Hermos Prime, in celebration of the recent expansion of the Tionese culture to the bordering sectors of Spadja and Belderone. The first year of any in which the main event of the previously titled-Day 300 celebrations had been held elsewhere than the Tionese capital of Voss.

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