Greater Tion News Group

A privately owned multi-media broadcasting company headquartered on Dravione. The primary news entity within the Tion Cluster and official newscaster for the Tion Hegemony government.

In early Year 16, predecessor Tion Cluster News rebranded in the light of the expansion of Tionese sovereign space. Incorporating the local news companies of the Belderone and Hermos systems, Greater Tion News Group was born after a test group polled the Tionese population. Greater Tion News Group maintained all of their major assests, including all links to subsidiary news organizations, regional offices and the Dravione headquarters. 


Subsidiary News Organizations:

Argai System News - primary newscaster for the Argai system

Voss & Desargorr Independent News Organization - primary news corporation of the Voss system

Niddion News Group - primary news source for the Folende and Abraxin systems

Back Spiral News - news correspondent of Brigia and Tion

Hermos Sunlit News - primary and only intact news organization of the Spadja sector

Belderone Bell Network - news source for Belderone and Kulthis and surrounding sector

Kazaraki Broadcast Group - news source for Kazarak system, all of known Sertar sector.




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