Kazarak system

The Kazarak system is the third extra-Tion Cluster system recognized as sovereign territory of the Tion Hegemony and her affiliates. The system is the political and economic capital of the Sertar sector and is comprised of two planets, the temperate Kazarak and gas giant Karazak.

The system was registered with the Galactic Cartographers Association on Day 325 of Year 17, upon the request of Galentro Heavy Works President Tull Mat. Mr. Mat, acting on behalf of the Kazaraki Delegation of Ten, contacted the Tionese Hegemon the same day in hopes of moderating a discussion that would invitably bring the Kazarak system under the protection of the Tion Hegemony. 

Hegemon, Lady Stephanie Barefoot, touring nearby Hermos Prime was quick to arrive in-system acompanied by the Hegemonial Contingent. The Delegation of Ten welcomed Hegemon Barefoot at Mahrusha, the forest capital of Kazarak. Lady Barefoot began talks with the Delegation and Mr. Mat promptly on Day 326, while a small mission of Tionese soldiers and Kazaraki dignitaries toured both planets. 

On Day 331, the fourth draft of the Lukaia Covenant, was signed by Hegemon Barefoot and all members of the Delegation of Ten, in witness of Mr. Mat. 

With signing of the Covenant, the citizens of the system were designated and granted status as official Tionese citizens. A taskforce of ships from the Hegemonial Contingent remained in-system to provide transitional protection, upon the departure of the Lady Hegemon.

Even though the system is under the protection of the Hegemony, the Delegation of Ten still operates with near total autonomy in regards to all aspects of system and planetary government aside from defense and foreign affairs. Administrating from the Locus, an independent district of Mahrusha on Kazarak, the Delegation of Ten is composed of the ten delegates from the Kazara and Karaza delegations, equally representing the populations of both planets. 

Written by Crislyn Anessa Waryn-Starfall, 8 years ago.
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