Kazarak is the small temperate world and capital of the system that shares it's name. The first orbit of the system's primary, Kazarak travels on an abnormally elongated ellipitical orbit due to the competing gravity of the gas giant Karazak

Kazarak is reknown for it's distinct three season weather pattern, a result of the planet's exagerated orbit. For one fifth of the local year, a period of 72 days, Kazarak experiences intense temperatures and relentless humidity as the planet travels around the narrow vertice nearest the planet's sun. This stifling season, referred to as 'Swelter', averages 40 degrees celcius daily and is widely regarded as the cause for the lack of glacial poles on the planet. During this time, the local Kazaraki often travel off-world on holiday or retreat underground to avoid the unyielding heat.

As the planet travels away from the sun, storms build over the northern glacial oceans resulting in months of howling winds and roving lighting storms, signaling the arrival of 'Squall', the season of storms. As storms circulate the planet, the global temperature means drop fom 35-40 celcius to an average of 20 celcius. While Squall is the longest of the three seasons, lasting a total of three fifths the local year, it is bisected annually by the arrival of 'Sven', a short season of tranquil and exceptionally mild weather. Named in token of the annual Kazaraki birthing boom, it has been identified that 85 percent of births on Kazarak occur during this season, a custom that pre-dates modern society.

With majority of the population residing in the capital cities of Shaltin and Mahrusha, the surrounding wilderness have remained unspoiled by locals and tourists alike. Once revered as sacred by the historic tribal cultures, access to these regions has become increasingly unimpeded by the modern and nonsecular government, the Kazara Delegation. Upon Delegation approval, the Hegemony was granted permission to found an alazhi farming community a few hundred kilometers from the capital region. The facilities within this community, Panormos, will allow Athakam MedTech to research alazhi cultivation techniques in the midst of the unique climate and weather patterns of the planet.

The locally elected counsel body, the Kazara Delegation, is one half of the system-wide Delegation of Ten and is tasked with the collective leadership of Kazarak planetary affairs. The Kazara Delegation is directed by the Lawspeaker, the longest actively-serving member of the Delegation. 

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