The larger planetary body and second orbit of the Kazarak system, Karazak is less than half the size of the system's star with no recorded orbit of the system's sun. With the recent registration of the planet in the galactic cartographs, astrogeographers and astronomers alike have flocked to the planet to study it's gravitational effects on it's much smaller sister, Kazarak

Settled a few hundred years after the establishment of the first Kazaraki tribe, as a holiday destination, the gas giant's population varies greatly depending on the orbital location of Kazarak. During the Swelter, many Kazaraki swarm to the predictably amiable climes of the large planet, resulting in months of burgeoning tourism each local year, the time referred to by locals as the 'Swell'.  

A gas giant with almost no orbital period, Karazak acts as the primary port and tourist hub of the Kazarak system, the nucleus of all supply and shuttle activity. The two floating biomes of Era and Eon, located within 8 kilometers of each other, are connected by a high speed mag-train capable of traveling between the cities in less than 5 minutes.

Authority for both planetary and port affairs lies with the elected five member Karaza Delegation, one half of the system governing Delegation of Ten. The Port Corregedor acts as the offical steward of the Karazaki government when the Delegation of Ten assembles in the system capital of Mahrusha. 


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