Biography of Jordania Sardothien

Name: Jordania Sardothien
Callsign: Jordi

Rank: Assistant (2)
Duty: Enchantress
Dept.: Interior Ministry
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Corellian
Gender: Female
Age: 31

Laying on a medical bed, Jordania had just sent out a message to her older sister Reyna of whom she did not even know existed until a few days ago, the very day their mother died, she told Jordania about Reyna and her hearing disability and everything became very clear to Jordania at once. Why her mother was working on what she was for all deaf and hard of hearing peoples of the galaxy. Jordania's mother and herself were at Mirial, when their mother caught an airborne virus that killed her immune system, and in the process killed her. Jordania caught something as well, the Derra Virus. It started to change Jordania quickly into Mirialan , and she was going into surgery to hopefully retain most of her humanity that day the message went out. they did more than they promised. They made her into a near human weapon using stolen tech from the Empire. They enhanced her with bio receptors and bio neural amplifiers to enhance her sight, stealth, and dexterity. They had just finished a few hours ago when some unknown operatives infiltrated the hospital and started killing everyone in sight, just then Jordania woke up. all she had near her was a vibro sword which was near a dead security officer, and she saw that everyone around her was dead.
They must have assumed I was dead as well. She thought, then she noticed they all were showing marks from some kind of energy weapon which she soon realized looked like a lightsaber type wound. she also knew that vibroswords resisted lightsabers dues to a cortosis weaving. Someone screamed loudly down the hall. I should hide in case they decide to make sure that everyone's dead. she thought. Just then she saw someone moving in her peripheral vision. Moving quietly and faster than anyone human had a right to, she moved behind the soldier not even seeing his rank or what he was wearing armor wise. She quickly and efficiently knocked him out cold and stole his X-45 and aimed it at the next person's head. It was a Defel wearing a admirals insignia from Tresario Star Kingdom. He deactivated his lightsaber, and told his men
"Stand down, we will never find the tech from the Empire. They already used it on her, who seems not to know what happened to her during the surgery. Nor does she seem to work for them."
"I am Kevin Wolff the head of Tresario Star Kingdom's armed forces. We were looking for tech stolen from the Empire by Edolia. It was a experimental implant that enhances combat efficiency and can give tactical mastery of all weapons. I saw how you took out my XO even though he had a HBA suit on. And how quickly you took the x-45 and had it pointed at my head. All in all that took less than 14 seconds. I am offering you a place in TSK in the military, and I'll make sure that the Empire knows that their tech fell into an ally's hand instead of their enemies." He said to Jordania.
Jordania knew that her life was being spared and said to Wolff,
"I will gladly accept your offer. It beats being dead, and my sister Reyna Sardothien will be able to meet me at long last. I just will need help getting to Coronet to meet her. She is deaf so I will need some help learning how to sign words."

A few days later Jordania was on her way to Coronet Spaceport with her oldest friend Daemoin, whom she hadn't realize was a part of the reason Wolff had spared her. He was the informant who told them what had happened to the stolen tech and he had upgraded it so it included fighter and freighter tactical upgrades and space as well as ground battlefield tactical knowledge. When she got into orbit of Corellia, she was cleared to land at the spaceport in Docking Bay C-23.

Upon arriving on the surface, she and Daemoin checked with customs to see if a Reyna Sardothien had passed through recently. The customs officer was resistant to divulge such sensitive information, but softened up when he saw Jordania's ID card. "Good luck with your sister, miss!" the now overzealous human male said, waving them goodbye which no doubt gave him an excuse to stare at her rotating hips as she walked.

Finding Reyna's childhood home was as easy as checking Coronet's main hospitals birth records. A young blonde girl - who Jordania presumed was Reyna by the fact that it was like looking in a thinner, sadder mirror of herself - who looked to be about Jordania's age of 19 almost 20, sat outside on the ground in front of and to the side of the door. Jordania snuck up on her sister with some tears in her eyes signing "hello dear Sister. Its me Jordania, i survived the surgery with a little bonus added in making me more combat capable." after that Jordania hugged Reyna who was crying hard. "also i have something for you." Jordania signed and pulled out an ear piece and fit in in Reyna's ear "there! can you hear me Sis? Mom made that design with you in mind, and i made it for you"

Two months later she was on patrol when Jordania had just gotten up and Stephy was on hologram and said "Reyna and Daemoin are dead died protecting someone valuable to your family, Aryn. She's at Voss waiting for you."


About a year later Jordania had entered a relationship with Taranae Rhode the Ex-wife of Stephanie Barefoot-Delcroix and having issues off and on with her cybernetics which she now has new armour and battle gear that helps take the extra radiation and put it to use.

Written by Jordania Sardothien, 8 years ago.
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