Biography of Aryn Sardothien

Name: Aryn Sardothien
Callsign: Jordiesis

Rank: Builder (4)
Duty: Sorceress
Dept.: Construction
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Corellian
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Reyna. Jordania. Aryn.  Three names of three unique women all sharing common blood and a surname. One, Reyna, was a natural-born Corellian, deaf and mute since birth. Jordania was originally a Corellian, whom Seb, Reyna's abusive father, conceived but never met.  
Reyna and Jordania's mother, Vialla Pollo-Sardothien, secreted Jordania away to a research station orbiting the homeworld of the Mirialan people.  There, Jordania contracted the Metamorphosis Plague and morphed from human into something more Mirialan in physiology.
Aryn, the youngest of the trio, is only related in part to her two sisters.  After Reyna Sardothien fled Corellia, her father, and the swoop gang the Raggers whom she had befriended, Seb Sardothien grew even more sullen than the middle-aged drunkard had ever been before.
One night in Year 0, a heavily inebriated Seb violated a Zeltron stripper by the name of Xila Neru.  As it just so happens, nine months later, after Xila had been kicked out on the streets once she could no longer hide her pregnancy, young Xila lay destitute, in labor, and in despair, behind the night club in question when her piercing screams were heard by a passers-by, Xarlac of a Royal Hapan household, maternal figure to the future Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot-Rhode.  
The older woman played the role of mid-wife to the young, terrified Xila, and gently extricated baby Aryn and placed her in her mother's shaking arms. Tears of joy slid down Xila's pink face as she brushed her daughter's ruddy baby cheeks with her hand. Looking up at Stephanie, she asked weakly, "Will you care for this child? I name her Aryn.  Aryn Sardothien.  It's...fitting I think. She can close the circ...." and without warning, Xila Neru's breath hitched, she shuddered violently once in the cold alley, and lay still, eyes closed.
So it is written that Stephanie's mother took Aryn into the custody of the Tion Hegemony.   Aryn was given to a kindly old prospector who raised her like she was his own daughter, or granddaughter since he was rather elderly.  When Aryn was sixteen, the man died of an aneurysm, and his wife Myrian followed suit a year later, cause of death being heart failure from old age.
On her eighteenth birthday, Aryn was called into counsel with the Lady Hegemon, Stephanie Barefoot-Rhode herself, newly minted to the position.  There, the Lady explained to Aryn the truth about her parentage, which she had learned from her (Stephy's) mother.  She also explained that Aryn had two half-siblings;  one, Reyna, who had gone searching for new planetary systems in the Unknown Regions and never returned.  The second one, Jordania, who once worked for Tresario Star Kingdoms but had since switched to the Hegemony about the time the new Lady Hegemon was appointed.  
Jordania has only just heard tell of Aryn's existence.  Aryn can be quite personable, a trait courtesy of her Zeltronian mother, but as of Year 18, on her eighteenth birthday, Aryn swore vengeance on Seb Sardothien for the rape of her late mother and the mistreatment and abuse of Reyna and Jordania's mother as well as the MIA/presumed-for-the-worst Reyna herself.
Seb Sardothien was murdered at the muzzles of Jemba the Hutt's aak dogs right in front of a horrified Aryn on Day 75 of Year 18.  She'd wanted revenge on a man she'd never known, but only found remorse and sorrow in his eyes.  In a fit of rage, a mere few hours later, Aryn beat a Chagrian to death who had helped Jemba the Hutt keep her in captivity as a slave dancing girl.  
During this time of turmoil, the Zhellic goddess of light, Risma, attempted to reach out to Aryn in order to bestow her blessing on this young woman.  She did not command;  merely request that Aryn devote her life to sharing the light in her heart with others.  Risma hinted that the best, or at least the most active, way of doing this would be to become a priestess of Risma.  Unfortunately for the goddess, Aryn seems to have fallen head over heels for a strapping Corellian TIE pilot who currently resides in, guess where, Imperial space.  
Written by Aryn Sardothien, 7 years ago.
Last updated on Year 18, Day 115, 02:25:57.
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