Biography of Gunnar Starfall

Name: Gunnar Waryn-Starfall
Callsign: -

Rank: Director (15)
Duty: -
Dept.: Technology
Faction: Tion Hegemony

Race: Hapan
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Director Gunnar Waryn-Starfall is the head of the Department of Technology in the Tion Hegemony.



Gunnar Starfall was born in year 16 BCT on the planet Kuat to his native father, and Hapan mother. His father - a middle class citizen - worked on the Kuat Drive Yards orbital shipyard array around his homeworld, Kuat as lead hyperspace technician. Although there is little information about his mother, it is known that she was working for the Kuati government and often traveled to distant systems.


Stepping in his father's footsteps, Gunn attended the Kuat Academy of Astrometrics, where he studied science, focusing mostly on the subjects of electronics and automation technology.

Leaving the homeworld

Death of parents

Gunn's parents presumably died in a shuttle crash in year 8 CGT. They were considered deceased after a short investigation, though no real evidence ever came to surface proving that they are in fact dead. Gunn left the academy, left Kuat, hoping that he would find out more about his parents mysterious demise. This was the first time he ever left his homeworld. He disappeared for one year, and there are no records about his whereabouts or actions from this time. Gunn then returned to Kuat for a brief time to tie up loose ends and say farewell to his old friends. After this uncertain period, he decided to finally leave Kuat.

Baktoid Armour Workshop

Gunn joined the Baktoid Armour Workshop - a Trade Federation affiliate - as a transport pilot. Alex Track was the man who recruited and helped him in the beginning, and he learned quickly. After the death of the former CEO of BAW, Arturius Hall, a new leader was assigned to oversee the faction's operations: Gadon Trammer, the man who would in time become Gunn's mentor and friend.
At BAW, Gunn met new friends: Taranae Rhode, Gwanunig Magor and Metyl Onyx among others.

After nearly a year of service, Gunn was promoted to the rank of Special Director, and he was tasked to oversee all the efforts on technological development within the faction.

Joining Frost Shipyards

On Year 9, Day 293 CGT, Gadon started his own ship production company, called Frost Shipyards. Gunn - and some of his fellow employees from BAW - followed him to the Outer Rim, where they began building up the new faction. This caused a brief diplomatic crisis with the Federation, and some of the leaving members - including Taranae Rhode - kept a low profile, and left TF space descretely. The conflict was then quickly resolved with pure diplomacy between Gadon and Viceroy Jacob Jansen. At the time, Gadon claimed that it was never more than a simple misunderstanding between the two parties.

New Duties

In the newly formed company, Gunn did what he did before: dedicated himself to technical research. He also sat back into the cockpit at times when valuable cargo was to be brought to the headquarters. In the following years, he even tried leading another faction created by Gadon, The Mining Guild, which was eventually sold, after which Gunn returned to Frost.

Anzatan Commonwealth

For a brief time, Frost Shipyards became the affiliate of the Anzatan Commonwealth - a relationship that was doomed after the former Sovereign, Wilhelm von Ismay expired, murdered by his own wife, Keishi Miahr.

Joining the Tion Hegemony

In the faction, after a short period of diplomatic talks with the Tion Hegemony, Gadon decided to affiliate his company to them, and rename it to Tion Military and Science Industries. Gunn continued his work and during this time, he participated in a construction project on Gadon 1, aiming to shield the planet, the new home of TMSI.

At this time, Gunn started working for both Gadon and the Tion Hegemony.

Athakam MedTech

After developing a new holonet communications system for the Hegemony, Gunn was appointed as the leader of Athakam MedTech, a newly formed medical production company originally co-owned by Gadon and the Hegemony. He chose Gwanunig Magor as his second in command, and they quickly began the production of precious medical supplies for the Hegemony.

In the following years, Gunn continued working on new technical projects - some of which greately affected his ability to efficiently lead Athakam. After Gwanunig left the faction to be the new director of logistics in the government, he hand-picked Crislyn Anessa Waryn to be his new assistant - both in Athakam and in his technological endeavors. They quickly become a very efficient team.

The Nomad Incursion

Gunn before the Nomad Incursion.

In year 12, the Tion Cluster and some of the neighboring regions were threatened by an alien race, today known as the Nomads. The Nomads were a hive-minded, highly adaptable species. Their collective mind was extremely intelligent, even capable of adapting the DNA of it's drones at will. These drones were capable of cloaking themselves, and carried symbionts with them, that could attach themselves to other species, taking control of their nervous system. Little is known about the origins of this race, but their intentions were quite clear: harvest all "inferior" lifeforms, and their technology.

The conflict known as the Nomad Incursion began in Year 12. Nomad ships began to show up in remote regions of the Tion Cluster, crippling civilian ships only to kidnap their crew. Many distress calls were received during this period, but the Tionese Fleets could never respond in time to stop the attacks. Most of the time, the attacked ships just vanished along with their crews, others were left drifting in space, empty.

Mission of the Fervent Vigilance

The Fervent Vigilance.

The Tion High Command knew little of the source of this new threat. Hence, Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin ordered a series of reconnaissance missions to reveal the nature of these attacks, and if possible prevent them. One of these missions was overseen by Biowa Gatecross, a former force sensitive member of the Tionese High Command. The newly constructed Assassin-class Corellian Corvette designated Fervent Vigilance was chosen to be the vessel used for the investigation. The ship's captain was Gunnar's former partner - Taranae Rhode. The rest of the crew consisted of many well-known and skilled citizens from the Hegemony. Gunnar was selected as flight leader for the two R-41 Starchaser squadrons on-board.

After the crew was assembled, the mission began as the ship left Desargorr. The first objective was to investigate the source of a recent distress call, broadcasted from the Gallofree Medium Transport Short Circuit. The Corvette was on it's way to intercept when the ship hit an interdiction field that pulled it out of hyperspace - injuring and incapacitating several crew members. At this first encounter the alien ship remained cloaked, and jumped away before the fighters or the Corvette could get a reading on it. No doubt the aliens anticipated the arrival of the Fervent Vigilance, and scanned it to assess the threat.

Gunnar flying patrol around the Short Circuit in his R-41 Starchaser.

The ship moved on, and eventually arrived to the coordinates transmitted with the distress signal. The Short Circuit was right where it was supposed to, drifting powerlessly. Another vessel, a modified Lictor-class Dungeon Ship designated Resurrection arrived, a friendly capital ship with the intention of assisting the Short Circuit. The Starchaser squadrons were ordered to patrol the area, while several troop transports approached and docked with the drifting Gallofree. It was a trap. The marines were attacked by several alien drones, and one of the marines, Mack Starlight, was infested with an alien symbiont. Several survivors were found in an isolated container beneath the ship. Meanwhile, the alien ship reappeared, and this time it decloaked. The ship attacked without warning, and disabled key systems on the Fervent Vigilance. Instead of destroying the Corvette, the aliens opened a wormhole, and dragged all the ships in the area through it to an unknown location, then they simply cloaked again and left.

The survivors and marines on the Short Circuit were recovered, and so was Gunnar and his co-pilot Jake Sparrow who suffered an accident in space during the battle. Unable to move, and not knowing where they were, the crew had no choice but to start repairing the ship and treating the wounded. Before the repairs could be finished, the systems of the ship became unresponsive, and the ship jumped to hyperspace by itself, leaving the Resurrection behind. Captain Rhode was also infested by a symbiont at this time, but she managed to regain control for a short time. She asked for help, and stunned herself. Suspecting infiltration and sabotage, the marines started looking for aliens on-board, and with the help of the medical team, they started screening the crew for alien infestation. The marines found aliens in the engineering section of the ship, but in fact, they were all over the ship. Gunnar was with the group in engineering, and they managed to overload the hyperdrive, stopping the ship from going any further into the unknown.

The magnetic pulse wave knocked out the entire crew, and the ship crash-landed on a distant and uncharted desert world. The crew awakened, but the casualties were high, and many were injured. Systems of the ship were beyond repair, they were unable to take off. Captain Rhode, and Biowa Gatecross both woke up from their comatose states.

[Further details of this part of the mission have been classified by the Tion High Command.]


The Resurrection.

The mission was a success. The Nomad threat was eliminated before a large scale invasion could begin. The Fervent Vigilance and the Resurrection returned to the Tion Cluster together. After a long and confusing debriefing, Gunn left for some time of rehabilitation and rest. When he returned to active service, he was appointed as head of the Tionese Department of Technology.


Over the years, Gunnar changed a lot, and this had an impact on his appearance too. From the elegant Kuati robes, and other expensive outfits, he switched to the usual pilot's gear when he left his home. He also used a custom targeting visor at the time. He looked like an average pilot, until he procured his first battle armor in the Hegemony. Although as the leader of a medical faction he rarely got the chance to actually wear it, there were several missions when made good use of it.

More recently, he began to return to his ways inherited with his Kuati and Hapan descent, Gunn now usually wears heavy armor, and a sword by his side.

Career History

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