Biography of Athrun Zala

Name: Athrun Zala
Callsign: Mr Vain

Rank: ()
Duty: FCO

Race: Corellian
Gender: Male
Age: 41

Former Affiliations:

Galactic Empire - Imperial Navy

Length of Service: Y9, D154 - Y13, D214

Final Rank/Position: Commodore [C-1], 3rd Group CO

Awards: [LOCx7][ISM-4][IABG][MIDx3][IMM-12][3IFV][FSM][DST]


Jedi Order - Explorer Corps

Length of Service: Unknown - Y15 D17

Final Rank/Position: Luminary/Fleet Admiral [C-5], Explorer Corps CO

Awards: OpPK


Trigdale Metallurgy, Inc - CEO

Time on Board: Y15 D282 - Y16 D127


Medical History:

Cybernetic replacement for right knee and spine, grafting implant in left shoulder.



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